military relocation virginia: Marine Corps Barracks DC-Off The Beaten Path For DC Tourists - 10/11/10 03:26 AM
In 1801 President Thomas Jefferson rode through Washington DC scouting for a location to house the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Ever since that day the Marine Barracks DC has stood in a prime downtown location and was key in protecting the city during the War of 1812. Though not as well known to those outside of the military as Quantico Marine Base located 30 miles south of DC, the Marines stationed at the barracks are an integral part of the security and ceremonies that happen in the Nations Capital every day.
If you have ever watched the changing of … (14 comments)

military relocation virginia: Belmont Bay Beauty-Bright End Unit Townhouse with Great Golf Course Views - 01/11/09 10:22 PM
If you want the straight scoop on Belmont Bay included 2008 sales, Belmont Bay neighborhoods and current inventory call me today. … (1 comments)

military relocation virginia: Belmont Bay in Prince William County-How Did We Do in 2008? - 01/11/09 01:41 PM
It was a busy year in Belmont Bay in Prince William County VA. Despite what some would like to say was a slow market properties were moving.    So how did the sales break down this year?
Often someone might ask why such a wide differential in prices?  The easy answer is because all of the neighborhoods in Belmont Bay (aka land bays) have different style homes.  Prices are generally higher in the town center area of the neighborhood due to the proximity to the waterfront walking paths, marina and club house.  Condos range in size from 1200 square feet … (2 comments)

military relocation virginia: Springfield Virginia-Homer Simpson is No Where in Sight! - 01/04/09 09:56 AM
Long before Homer Simpson made the TV town of Springfield famous, before the Springfield Mixing Bowl was created or Slug lines came to town their was a small ‘country” highway stop fifteen miles outside of DC that would come to be known as Springfield Virginia.
In 1946 the developer Edwin Carr realized that their was a huge piece of undeveloped land, close enough to DC to be appealing to government workers who worked in town and that would provide space for larger homes than were currently available in Arlington or Alexandria. My parents were one of those families who decided that … (6 comments)

military relocation virginia: Military Relocation-Relief for Renters in Foreclosed Homes - 12/22/08 07:05 AM
Unfortunately the current real estate market in Northern Virginia has proved a rude awakening for some renting military families.  Landlords who decided NOT to pay their mortgages have left the tenants holding the bag when the sheriff comes to the door.
Military familes who are forced to make a local move due to a foreclosure may find some relief from the Servicemrmbers Civil Relief Act.  Not many servicemembers know that under section 531 in the SCRA anyone looking to evict an active duty servicemember from a rental property that is their primary residence must have a court order.  This applies to … (14 comments)

military relocation virginia: Fort Belvoir and Quantico-BRAC Changes Are on the Way - 09/02/08 04:03 PM
With over 21,000 jobs scheduled for a move to Fort Belvoir and another 2600 scheduled for Quantico all of the counties and areas close to the bases are preparing for change.  Even though the influx of personnel won't be complete until Fall 2011 signs of the influx are popping up.You can already see some of the changes underway both inside and outside of Fort Belvoir and Quantico.  Road improvements in Fairfax County, the new Dewitt Hospital at Fort Belvoir and building renovations at both locations are just the tip of the iceberg.For families moving to the area as part of BRAC … (2 comments)

military relocation virginia: New Active Rain Outside Blog - 07/16/08 03:58 AM
Tinkering with all the new goodlies on Active Rain these days could be become a full-time job.  It is so much fun to take a look around and see what others have done and then finally get your own ready for the "official" launch.   The new Active Rain outside blog is just another way for us to connect with our current clients and prospective clients who may be looking for information.I had an idea sometime ago about my the focus of my "next" blog but due to my schedule I haven't been able to implement it.  So the new AR … (58 comments)

military relocation virginia: Memorial Day Weekend-A Tour to Honor Our Hero's - 05/23/08 02:14 AM
Memorial Day weekend is a chance for family and friends to kick of the start of summer with picnics, BBQ's and the season's first swim.  For many it is also the time to pause and remember those who have given their lives to serve our country in peacetime and at war.  Our family does a combination of both.  There is the contest to see who will be the first one to brave the cold water in the swimming pool, fire up the grill for burgers and to make a visit to Arlington Cemetery to honor a husband and father.  Like thousands … (14 comments)

military relocation virginia: VA Loans-One of the Great Benefits for Military Families - 05/21/08 01:25 AM
If it hadn't been for the VA home loan program I never would have been able to buy my first two homes!  Now years later I'm helping military families transitioning to Fort Belvoir, Quantico or anywhere in the Military District of Washington use the VA Home Loan Program to buy homes.
There seems to be a rumor flying around Northern Virginia that you can't use a VA loan to buy a foreclosure property.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  In the past month I've closed on two foreclosure properties in Prince William County with buyers using a VA loan without any problems.   The … (13 comments)

military relocation virginia: Grabbing the Estentials When You Head to Fort Belvoir - 03/22/08 02:23 PM
Once you leave the gates of Fort Belvoir and the convenience of the commissary or PX you are going to want to have some choices of where you find the essentials you need for your family.
It isn't hard in Northern Virginia to find what you need.  Whether you are looking for a bag of chips, a paint brush to put your own touch on your new home, clothes to deal with our ever changing weather or a whole house full of furniture because you are ready for something new, there are number of places to shop all within five miles of the … (9 comments)

military relocation virginia: Military Families on the Move-A Tribute to our Hero's - 03/20/08 09:06 AM
Even though our military relocation guides are designed to focus on a specific military installation in our area it is tough when we have so many in the DC area to choose from. So this post is a little different.  These past two weeks I have been working with two great military families, one Army and one Marine, who are on the move.  Both families are trying to make a local move in order to prepare for deployment of their husbands to the conflict in the Middle East.
It has reminded me again of how many sacrifices members of the military have … (12 comments)

military relocation virginia: Dealing with Sticker Shock When Moving To Fort Belvoir, VA - 03/12/08 12:08 PM

Most people hear the term "sticker shock" and they think of cars.  For military families relocating to Fort Belvoir from other bases around the country the term can also explain their first reaction to housing prices in Northern Virginia.  Today's market has helped lessen that shock but it is still something to consider as you decide whether you should buy a home in the area.
One of the many benefits that the military offers is the VA loan which has made a comeback for buyers in Northern Virginia over the last year.  The first thing I recommend to anyone with PCS … (8 comments)

military relocation virginia: Fort Belvoir Your Gateway to Fairfax County Virginia - 03/10/08 01:44 PM
Fort Belvoir's history goes back to the founding of Fairfax County, the settling of Virginia and the beginning of our nation's history. The 8,656-acre tract along the Potomac River which now makes us Fort Belvoir was once part of a land grant from a 17th century English king. Control of the land, known as the Northern Neck, was handed the sixth Lord Fairfax.  For the next 100 years the lands that make up Fort Belvoir passed from the Fairfax family through a series of other sales (including a public auction) and eventually in 1912 led to the acquisition of the property … (15 comments)

military relocation virginia: Your Specially Prepared Cliffs Notes Guide to Northern Virginia Relocation - 02/29/08 11:09 PM
It doesn't matter if it is your first move or your tenth finding out that you are relocating to another part of the country always brings up questions.  Trying to find resources to help you with learning about the neighborhoods, commuting options, schools and what is there to do in the area can take hours of your time and sometimes leave you with more questions than answers.
For anyone who is looking to move to the Northern Virginia and DC area my on-line relocation guide is designed to give you an overview of what Northern Virginia has to offer and provide you with personal … (24 comments)

military relocation virginia: Don't Like the Weather in Northern Virginia? Wait a Day it will change! - 02/28/08 11:13 PM
As native of the Northern Virginia area I've had a chance to see most of the extremes that have hit the area.  Blizzards and hurricanes we've had a few.  Sometimes you can even get three seasons in one week.  As a military spouse I've also had the opportunity to experience the weather in a few other choice locations and learned a thing or two about how weather forecasters throw around terms that don't necessarily make sense unless you've never lived anywhere else.
When you hear the term "monsoon season" when you live in the Far East you know what that means.  … (5 comments)

military relocation virginia: Securing Your Personal Property and Precious Photos - 02/27/08 10:42 AM
Whenever the news shows families who have been devastated by a natural disaster, a fire or a robbery and they have lost important family papers or photos it reminds me of the advice given to me a few years ago that I have been passing on to my clients preparing for a move ever sense.
 Now that technology has made the purchase of scanners affordable for everyone you should consider making copies of your personal documents such as social security cards, credit card numbers, bank accounts, investment accounts, wills, power of attorney and any other documents that you might need and save them to … (16 comments)

military relocation virginia: Checking out the Education Opportunities in Northern Virginia - 02/26/08 11:12 PM
Congratulations!  If you're moving to the Northern Virginia area you've found a great area to call home.  With so much to do in the all around the area, the Nations Capital just a short distance from most neighborhoods, an abundance of outdoor activities, plenty of choices for dining and innovative schools the area has more to offer than you can imagine.  For families who are moving to the area with children figuring out the local school systems is a top priority.  As an agent we can not make recommendations about area schools but we can provide you public information and reports … (3 comments)

military relocation virginia: Things to Do and See in Washington DC-For Free - 02/26/08 03:38 AM
Unlike a trip to Epcot Center in Florida which will can cost a family of four an arm and a leg for the day you can spend an entire day exploring DC and the surrounding area for free.
So where should you start?How about a visit to the White House?  Now you won't be joining anyone for a State Dinner but you can check out many of the famous public rooms and learn about the history behind them.  To secure a ticket to tour the White House all your member of Congress and request tickets.  Call at least a month before your … (25 comments)

military relocation virginia: What Happens When You Build a Highway Instead of An Airport? - 02/24/08 03:41 PM
Ask the residents of Northern Virginia who drive through the Springfield "mixing bowl"  everyday and they may tell you that an airport would be preferable to the 50 ramps and 20 lanes they deal with everyday.  Ask a tourist driving through and you can bet they would rather be flying over than trying to navigate their way through the maze.  In 1945 this same area was the location of a 3,000 foot long unpaved runway as part of the Springfield Airport.  The tiny airport offered fuel and maintenance facilities for small aircraft.  One of the mechanics at the airport in the late 1940's was Charlie Kulp … (18 comments)

military relocation virginia: Riding the Rails-From Union Station to Old Town Alexandria - 02/19/08 09:17 AM
If you're just joining the "Magical History Tour" you might want to take a few minutes and check out where we have already been in the DC and Northern Virginia area.
Magical History Tour of Northern VirginaMagical History Tour Takes to the Water-Washington DC
Today our tour is just a short train ride from Union Station to Old Town Alexandria.  We wanted to leave you plenty of time to take in the sights of our stops and enjoy a leisurely afternoon explore Old Town Alexandria.  So All Aboard and away we go.
If we are going to start in Union Station … (6 comments)

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