osprey: Some Days You Just Get Lucky And I'll Take All The Luck I Can Get - 08/10/12 07:47 AM

If you follow my blog you know I'm a huge fan of Osprey and never grow tired of watching them fly and fish.  Today I was out on a walk in the Outer Banks and found this Osprey sitting at the end of the pier.  It is probably the closest I've actually gotten to an Osprey in all of my time watching them.  This one was intent on looking for food in the sound and stayed around allowing me to get my to get a number of good photos.So days you get lucky and today was one of them.

osprey: Speechless Sunday-Go Ahead Try and Take My Fish - 03/25/12 02:49 AM

Living bordered by the Occoquan River and the Occoquan National Wildlife Refuge has it's advantages.  In the Spring watching the Osprey build their nests and fish is a amazing treat.   A few days ago one of the local nesting pairs stopped to eat their recent catch just outside my window.  At one point it looked as if the Osprey gave me the eye as if to say....go ahead and try to get my fish!

osprey: Friday Fotos-My What Sharp Claws You Have! - 09/02/11 10:05 AM

And he replied all the better to catch fish with.  Based on size I suspect this Osprey is one of our resident males.  We are fortunate to live right on the edge of a wildlife refuge at the convergence of the Occoquan and Potomac Rivers.  Almost every day we get to watch and listen to multiple pairs of Osprey and their now almost grown youngsters.  Only a few more weeks and they will be pushing the youngsters off to find their own territories. 

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