pentagon relocation: Somethings Never Change-A VA Loan is Still Zero Percent Down - 04/01/14 11:17 AM

Though you can't buy a house in North Springfield for $15,500, in 2014 a veteran can still use their VA benefits to buy a North Springfield home for zero down.  The reasons that service members choose North Springfield in the 1950's are still the same reasons they buy their now.  Convenience to DC, larger tree lined lots and access to parks.  Now they can add multiple options for commuting and nearby shopping.
It's good to know that some things never change.  If you are interested in using your VA benefits to buy a home in North Springfield give Cindy Jones a call … (6 comments)

pentagon relocation: Delay Of Game Called Because The Umpires Are Stuck In DC Traffic - 04/14/13 09:07 AM
Earlier this week the Washington Nationals baseball game got off to a late start.  The reason?  The Umps were stuck in traffic.  No really it's true.
I'm not 100% sure where they may have been coming from but if they had called me they would have known the best Northern Virginia commuting options to get to the stadium from home.   My guess is they decided to drive into DC during rush hour instead of taking the Metro to the Navy Yard and making the 1 block walk to the stadium.  
If they came into DC via the train they could … (8 comments)

pentagon relocation: Excuse Me But Could You Explain Where Northern Virginia Is? - 03/31/13 07:20 AM
It seemed like a crazy question and then I laughed.  The buyer was headed to Fort Belvoir from Arizona they had checked and they couldn't find Northern Virginia anywhere on the map.  It just wasn't there.
 Oh well actually there isn't a Northern Virginia like there is a North or South Carolina it is just a local term. 
Why do you make the distinction?
 Ahhhh we just do.  It is more about a difference in economics and politics than anything. 
So where are the boundaries?
 Hmmm, good question.  Before housing developments pushed west to the Shenandoah Valley and south through … (14 comments)

pentagon relocation: What The Builder Said In 1965 About Cardinal Forest Homes Is Still True Today - 09/25/12 12:02 PM
It seems Edwin Carr the developer of the Cardinal Forest in West Springfield knew the convenient location would attract service members stationed at Fort Belvoir and the Pentagon.  In fact talk about "hyper-local" advertising.  Looks like he had it figured out in 1965.Guess what?  With  express Metro Bus Service (18G) running through the neighborhood to the Pentagon, Fairfax Connector Service to the Springfield Metro and easy access to I-95 the Pentagon is still easy to get to from Cardinal Forest.  Add in the expanded Fairfax County Parkway and the trip to Fort Belvoir and the new NGA facility have improved.
With … (12 comments)

pentagon relocation: Forget the Phrase "Don't Get Into A Car With Strangers"-In Nothern Virginia It Will Get You To Work For Free - 07/21/11 09:03 AM
Every day in Northern Virginia thousands of commuters are jumping in strangers cars and headed in to DC. Our slug lines are famous around the country as a unique form of carpooling not often found in other major metropolitan cities.
Many like to associate the term "slug" with the slimy creatures you find in your garden but the term actually started with the bus drivers who would find riders who had slipped in "slugs" or fake tokens into the token box instead of the real ones.The term stuck and became linked with grabbing a free ride in our area.
Slug lines … (18 comments)

pentagon relocation: Spending A Weekend In Northern Virginia? Things To See On Less Than A Tank Of Gas - 07/07/11 02:50 PM
One of the great things about living in the Northern Virginia area is all of the things you can find to do on a weekend. You don't have to spend a fortunate in gas or days traveling to enjoy a few hours or a day out with friends or family.Wander the grounds Arlington National Cemetery. The views from Arlington House, the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider and President Kennedy's gravesite are just a few of the sites that make Arlington National Cemetery a must on everyone's tour of the area. Interested in Aviation History? The … (29 comments)

pentagon relocation: Getting Rid of Northern Virginia Relocation Jitters All In One Location - 04/24/11 08:55 AM
Are you moving to Northern Virginia?  Are you worried about the lifestyle?  Wonder about your transportation options?  Wonder what there is to do in the area? 

Fortunately I've worked with plenty of other clients who have the same questions and concerns.  Whether it is your first more or your 50th it's never easy to pack up and head somewhere new.  I've done it myself myself not only within the US but to Europe and the Far East as well. If you are moving to the Northern Virginia area just give Cindy Jones and CJ Realty Group a call at … (16 comments)

pentagon relocation: A Great Way To Save On Gas-Buy A Home Close To Everything You Need - 04/23/11 05:57 AM
With the rising cost of gas finding a new home with close proximity to public transportation, shopping and work is a high priority.  For anyone relocating to Northern Virginia for a new position at Fort Belvoir, the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) or a commute to DC,  this new listing in the Townes of Manchester Woods should be on your must see list.
Located within 2 miles of the Springfield Metro, 3 miles to NGA and 5 miles to Fort Belvoir your car won't even burn a gallon of gas to get to and from work.  Shopping is close by with … (14 comments)

pentagon relocation: Out Of The Mouths Of The Little Ones-"Look Mommy Popcorn Trees" - 03/24/11 09:51 AM
Buyers and owners like the Charlestown neighborhood in West Springfield for it's all brick townhouses, proximity to transportation and nearby shopping. However my client's daughter liked it because it was the first place she had ever seen where popcorn grew on trees.Everyone has their reasons for liking a neighborhood to call home. As Realtors® we have to listen to what our clients like and work to help them find the place that feels right. If my client's daughter has her way the neighborhood with the popcorn trees will be the one that her parents call home. If your family has a … (26 comments)

pentagon relocation: I'm Not Kidding-This Wayside Village Home Is A Steal Of A Deal - 03/10/11 12:23 AM
Okay call me crazy but I don't think this listing in the Wayside Village neighborhood of Dumfries VA is going to last long.  Why?  Beacause at $365,000 this 4500 SF home has it all.  I'll let the tour tell the tale of a well maintained home with plenty of space and updates.  Put your phone on speed dial to schedule your time to get in the front door.  Really I'm not kidding this one is going to sell quickly.


pentagon relocation: The Early Bird Gets the Slugs In Northern Virginia - 03/01/11 10:51 AM
It's spring and the yards of full of birds looking for tasty treats.  In Northern Virignia the early birds looking for slugs aren't the birds though, they are drivers headed to the Pentagon and other stops in DC, looking to pick up passengers so they can zip on the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes headed north.Over the last few weeks the slug lines in the Woodbridge area of Prince William County (PWC) have made a shift causing a bit of panic among commuters.   When Potomac Mills mall reduced the number of commuter parking spaces from 1000 to 250 you could feel … (8 comments)

pentagon relocation: Excuse Me You Pick Up Strangers And Drive Them Into DC? Isn't That Dangerous? - 01/15/11 09:56 AM
Cindy,My husband and I will be moving to Virginia for an assignment to the Pentagon.  One of our friends who spent a couple of years at the Pentagon told us about "slugging" to get to work.  I'm not sure it sounds like a great idea but they said it was perfectly safe.  Can you explain what slugging is?  Look forward to hearing from you and meeting with you when we arrive in Feb.Thanks,Kathy
Kathy you aren't the first person who has asked about what truely is a unique commuting option in Northern Virginia.
At first newcomers to the area … (16 comments)

pentagon relocation: A Family Goes Full Circle in the Historic Parkfairfax Neighborhood - 11/24/10 03:13 AM
Life has a funny way of going full circle.  The photo at the left was taken sometime in 1948 in the Parkfairfax neighborhood in Alexandria VA.  In the photo are my mom and paternal grandparents.  This was my parent’s first home when they moved to the DC area.   Parkfairfax was originally built to fulfill the need for affordable housing close to the Federal Government, Pentagon and DC in 1941; many residents were involved in the war efforts during WWII.    In 1968 the apartment buildings were sold to a new development company and were remodeled with new kitchens and room … (10 comments)

pentagon relocation: Landsdowne-Just a Hop, Skip And A Jump From The Gates of Fort Belvoir - 10/24/10 02:15 PM
If residents of the Landsdowne Community in Alexandria (VA) wanted to walk to Fort Belvoir they could. It is less than ½ mile to the Telegraph Road gate to the base and once inside Telegraph gate you are close to the golf course, PX and Commissary.The Landsdowne community is a mix of townhouses and detached homes originally built by Pulte and Richmond America in the late 1980's. With just over 600 homes the community pales in comparison to its neighbor Kingstowne's 5800 hundred homes but residents aren't complaining about their small size. With their own community pool, tennis courts and tot … (6 comments)

pentagon relocation: Marine Corps Barracks DC-Off The Beaten Path For DC Tourists - 10/11/10 03:26 AM
In 1801 President Thomas Jefferson rode through Washington DC scouting for a location to house the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Ever since that day the Marine Barracks DC has stood in a prime downtown location and was key in protecting the city during the War of 1812. Though not as well known to those outside of the military as Quantico Marine Base located 30 miles south of DC, the Marines stationed at the barracks are an integral part of the security and ceremonies that happen in the Nations Capital every day.
If you have ever watched the changing of … (14 comments)

pentagon relocation: Whoops! My Client Submitted Their Only Copy of DD Form 214 to the VA...What Now? - 09/06/10 11:17 AM
Another valuable piece of information for military home buyers who want to use their VA benefits.  Do not send an original DD214 to the VA.  I still have the old green copy of my VA loan eligibility tucked away in a file even though everything can now be processed on line.
There are so many details to remember about VA home loans---about any kind of home loan, really—that it’s easy for a VA loan applicant to forget and make a mistake like sending in originals of official documents when they really should be submitting copies instead. Do you have … (3 comments)

pentagon relocation: Memorial Day-Annual Rolling Thunder Rally Rides into DC - 05/26/10 06:47 AM
Not everyone is packing up the car and heading to the beach this weekend.  If you are staying in the DC area then the biggest event is the annual Rolling Thunder Rally. The rally started in 1987 with 2500 motorcycles riding through the streets of DC.   Over the years the rally grew and now close to 250,000 motorcycles participate in the ride.  Today the reason for the event is still as important as it was when it first started.   Remembering there are those who are still unaccounted for from previous wars and those who still sacrifice to keep us free.
Starting … (16 comments)

pentagon relocation: Military Relocation-Housing and Transportation Costs for Northern Virginia - 01/03/10 07:53 AM
Thinking of buying a home in the Northern Virginia area? Wonder what the cost of owning that home and commuting in the area might cost you per year? Transportation and housing affordability are a big part of the buying process. The Urban Land Institute has developed a calculator to help show how these costs vary among different locations.
One of the first decisions that Northern Virginia buyers look at is whether they should buy a home "inside or outside" the beltway. Commuting is a big part of that decision. The calculator gives you a chance to play with the numbers and … (1 comments)

pentagon relocation: Do You Sometimes Feel Like Your Just Standing Still? - 12/21/09 08:32 AM
If you live in Northern Virginia and you are sitting still then it could be because we have lots of traffic.  In fact a recent study shows a significant portion of the Northern Virginia area ranks in the top 25 locales for traffic.
# 7-Washington, D.C#9-Alexandria, Va#13-Fairfax County, Va#22-Arlington, Va
With the completion of the Springfield Interchange and the Wilson Bridge Project drivers were expecting to see significant improvement in their commute times.  However now the Tyson's Corner improvements, expansion of the Fairfax County Parkway and HOT lanes have slowed commuters down again.
 You don't have to be stuck in traffic … (10 comments)

pentagon relocation: Fort Belvoir Relocation-2010 BAH Rates Have Been Published - 12/17/09 09:18 AM
The 2010 Basic Allowance for Housing Rates (BAH) have been published for active duty military members. For those who are not familiar with BAH, the rates are based on the median rental rates in the area and may not cover what a service member pays in a monthly mortgage if they decide to buy a home while stationed in the area. The median rental rate includes not only the rent but average utilities and the cost of rental insurance.
It is not uncommon in our area to have military members stationed at the Fort Belvoir choose to live in Prince William or … (5 comments)

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