prince william county real estate: Are the Stars Finally Aligning? Strange Real Estate Happenings - 12/13/08 02:52 AM
Yesterday my clients ratified a contract for a new home.  We had looked gone through about 15 homes in Prince William County, including the graffiti house, before landing on one that had all the right stuff.When I turned in a copy of the contract to our office administrator, she looked it over and asked me if I was sure about the deal.  I smiled and said "YES I'm sure."I dropped a copy of the contract off at the settlement company.  They looked it over and asked me if I was sure about the deal.  I smiled and said "YES I'm sure."

prince william county real estate: Enjoy the View From This Top Floor Condo in Belmont Bay - 12/13/08 12:47 AM

prince william county real estate: Closing Out the Year- Lake Ridge Townhouse Sales - 12/08/08 11:58 AM
One of the important questions sellers need to know as they get ready to list their property for sale is "how is the current inventory in my neighborhood?"Now we all know that in a large community such as Lake Ridge there is a wide variety of homes for sale and not all homes listed would be a "competitive" home to yours.  However understanding the general inventory and how it might impact the sale of your home is important.Currently there are 65 townhouses for sale in Lake Ridge.
In November 17 Lake Ridge townhouses went to closing.
In November 14 new townhouses … (6 comments)

prince william county real estate: Tips for Buying Real Estate in Today’s Market - 12/03/08 12:11 PM
There is a lot of negative information in both the local and national press that seems to be keeping potential buyers in rentals in Northern Virginia.  This market is also a golden opportunity for buyers who have been waiting for the "right time" to buy a home.  We have seen prices in some Northern Virginia areas drop as much as 50% and now interest rates are have dropped as well.  The time to get off the fence may have arrived.  Buying a home is NOT FOR EVERYONE and if you are looking a home purchase in today's market as a short term buy then you probably … (4 comments)

prince william county real estate: Jazz Up Your Walls-A Little Graffiti Art Will Do - 12/03/08 07:00 AM
The house was unassuming from the outside.  A typical Prince William County brick front colonial with a great lot.  Nothing unusual on the main level and since it was a foreclosure the buyer's expectations weren't set to high.  Upper level had 4 nice size bedrooms and other than a little clean up the house was receiving two thumbs up.Then we ventured to the lower level recreation room.  This was obviously the party room in the house.  At first glance the thought was perhaps vandals had come into the house.  But then we realized that the graffiti was there on purpose.  All … (16 comments)

prince william county real estate: First Time Homebuyers Credit-Leaping the Hurdles to Qualify - 12/02/08 08:04 AM
The buzz about the first time homebuyers "credit' seems to have died down a bit since it was first announced as part of the Economic Stimulus package.   Most buyers don't know what it is and whether it is a good deal for them or not.  So lets take a look at some of the hurdles and see if it is the right deal for you.The first hurdle you come to is the qualifying income limits.  If you are single and your adjusted gross income is more than $75,000 you are not eligible.  If you are married and your combined adjusted gross … (2 comments)

prince william county real estate: Lake Ridge-100% Financing Available and Not a Foreclosure in Sight - 11/24/08 07:10 AM
Yes Virginia it is true you can find homes where the sellers have a name that isn't "owner of record" and understand that they need to price their home competitively to sell.Don't have the 3% required by FHA (soon to go to 3.5%) down payment?  Not to worry all of these homes can be purchased with 100% financing for qualified buyers. 

If you are interested in learning how to make one of these homes your give me a call.  I can put you in touch with a trusted mortgage professional to talk about the right financing for your circumstances … (4 comments)

prince william county real estate: Goldilocks Would Love Belmont Bay Condominiums - 11/20/08 02:05 PM

Belmont Bay condominiums, right size, right price, right location.  A combination that Goldilocks and twenty six new owners have not been able to pass up in 2008.River front condos - Belmont Bay has them.Marina front condos -Belmont Bay has them.Wooded view condos - Belmont Bay has them.

With sizes ranging from just over 1200 square feet for a 1 BR/Den model up to 2300 square foot 2 level 3BR/3BA you choices are varied.  New condos are still available on the marina with terrific water views and another building set back off the water.  With eight different condominium buildings, each with its own … (4 comments)

prince william county real estate: A Flurry of Buyer Activity in Woodbridge Virginia - 11/18/08 10:03 AM
Despite all of the press about the sagging real estate market, buyers in Prince William County continue to come out and pick up some great bargains.  October sales volumes continue to outpace 2007 numbers in most neighborhoods.   Prices have fallen to affordability levels for buyers looking to use FHA, VHDA and VA loans.In the three Woodbridge zip codes you can see significant increases in every zip code except 22192.  This zip code includes Lake Ridge, Old Bridge Estates and River Falls to name a few.  The most of sales are in the Dale City area of Woodbridge where currently there is … (8 comments)

prince william county real estate: Prince William County Crystal Ball-What Are Your Predictions - 11/16/08 10:47 PM
This year in Prince William County has been full of surprises.  Very few people predicted the meteoric fall in prices.  And even fewer then predicted the huge increase in sales on over 2007.  Our inventory though still high has dropped from an 18 month supply of homes to closer to 9 months.  Now as winter approaches I'm curious to see if anyone is willing to make a prediction for 2009?Will we continue to see prices drop?Will 2009 sales outpace 2008?Will the change in FHA loans have an impact on the area?What areas of Prince William County will have the most sales?Which … (2 comments)

prince william county real estate: Belmont Bay Condominiums-Wrap One Up Today - 11/05/08 01:36 PM
Since I posted my October report on Condominium Sales in Belmont Bay, condos have continued to sell in the community.Last month I reported on the 19 sales in the different condominium buildings  in the community and this month the total for 2008 now stands at 23.  Personally I've been involved in five closed condo transactions as either a listing or buyers agent in Belmont Bay in 2008 and have another condominium under contract which we hope will close before the end of the year.

If you want the straight scoop on available condominiums in Belmont Bay give me a call.  Let me fill … (2 comments)

prince william county real estate: Prince William County-Fall into Lake Ridge - 11/03/08 11:43 PM
It is always great to have clients who don't mind when you stop to snap pictures of the fall colors while you are out showing houses.  In fact my client  was pointing out colorful trees while we were touring Lake Ridge that they thought would make a good shot for a blog post.Lake Ridge in the spring and summer with its leafy green trees gives you the sense of being out in the country.  In the fall the colors can take your breath away.   Add the color from the trees with all of the activities sponsored by the Lake Ridge Parks … (10 comments)

prince william county real estate: The Never Ending Real Estate Debate - 10/22/08 05:09 AM
It is the never ending debate in real estate.   Agents who have had their licenses for many years think that new agents don't have the experience necessary to succeed.  New agents think that long term agents might not have kept up with how the market has changed. In the end it is the consumer who makes the decision which agent is the best agent to represent their interests.
Some buyers and sellers are going to call someone they have worked with before. They trust you and your relationship is key to working together on a successful transaction. For the buyers and … (63 comments)

prince william county real estate: Underfunded Condo Budgets-Can They End Your Buying Dreams? - 10/19/08 02:59 AM
In a post written back in July "Condo Special Assessments-A New Twist in Today's Market"  my warning to buyers who were considering buying a condo in Northern Virginia was to pay careful attention to the association budget.   In our current market and with the changing lending environment it seemed like good advice.  Sure enough one of my buyers just found out what lenders think of underfunded association budgets.
In a condo developments completed in the last three years in Northern Virginia it isn't unusual to find a high investor to owner ratio.  Contracts written in 2003 with high hopes of a flip in 2005 … (12 comments)

prince william county real estate: Buyers-Don't Get Tunnel Vision When it Comes to Your New Home - 10/14/08 11:08 AM
Recently a potential home buyer posted a question on about whether the offer a builder had agreed to home on a home in a Prince William County neighborhood was a "good deal."   My question back was had they looked at everything that was available in the neighborhood to determine if the builder was competitive with foreclosures or even resale properties?It is easy for buyers, especially those who aren't represented by a buyer's agent, to develop tunnel vision when they are looking for a home.  Some buyers focus on foreclosures thinking that those might be the best value.  Others focus on new construction … (12 comments)

prince william county real estate: Would You Live in the Neighborhoods You Write About? - 10/13/08 05:00 AM
At first the question that arrived in my email this week from a couple relocating to Northern Virginia seemed a bit strange.   And then it hit me.  I write about a lot of different neighborhoods in our area, one where I currently live, ones that I have lived in and others that I think are great neighborhoods for others to explore.  Have I also written about neighborhoods, just for the sake of writing a post that I would never take a potential buyer to see?
The answer turns out to be NO but it made me wonder how many bloggers just … (4 comments)

prince william county real estate: Understanding the Value of Title Insurance - 10/13/08 12:10 AM
A few years ago a new landowner in the Shenandoah Valley approached my neighbor and I to suggest that the property where our houses were located was actually part of his land and he intended to "take back" the property.  My neighbor who had owned his house since the original land had been subdivided knew that neither of our homes or land were on any part of the new landowner's property.  The new landowner was insistent and let us know his plans to run a road right through our property.If the thought of this happening to you sends chills up your spine then … (11 comments)

prince william county real estate: Noah’s Ark-The Offers in Northern Virginia Go Two by Two - 10/09/08 07:20 AM
The newspapers keep telling us it is a slow market in Northern Virginia.  The TV announcers keep saying that the market is dead.  And yet last week three of my current clients made offers on properties and each of the properties they wrote on ended up with TWO offers.  In fact I even wrote up an application on a rental and you guessed it, TWO applicants.
Apparently not everyone is sitting on the sidelines waiting for the other shoe to drop.   If it wasn't strange enough to encounter multiple offers on the properties, one of my clients made a CASH offer … (12 comments)

prince william county real estate: Belmont Bay Townhouses Sales Keep Pace from 2007 to 2008 - 10/05/08 11:56 AM
It has been an interesting year in Belmont Bay the premier waterfront neighborhood in Prince William County.   Though the current number of sales is tracking close to the 2007 sales numbers of 22 townhouses sold, with the overall changes in market conditions in Prince William County the prices are down in the community.
Last year sales prices ranged from $364,000 in the "older" section of the neighborhood closer to the VRE station to $715,000 in the "newer" town center neighborhood close to the marina.  There were 6 townhouses that sold on one street (Vestal) in 2007 where the townhouses all have … (2 comments)

prince william county real estate: Marketing Reports-The Paul Harvey View - 10/02/08 12:40 PM
I rarely post market reports.  On occasion when an area is on the rise or on a steep decline as the market in Prince William County has been over the last year it is interesting to post a perspective.  The reason I don't post many market reports is because they don't tell the whole story about a community and can often lead to confusion.  As Paul Harvey would say " and now for the rest of the story."
A perfect example of how a market report can confuse buyers and sellers is to look at Belmont Bay in Prince William County.   To date in … (14 comments)

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