social media: Will Your Choices With Social Media This Year Change Your Bottom Line Next Year? - 08/29/12 03:10 AM
Don't get me wrong I know we are in the middle of a Presidential election cycle. My head isn't buried in the sand. The passion of our individual beliefs runs deep and for some the need to beat us up with theirs runs strong.  But to be honest I don't get it. Since I live right outside the Nations Capitol I work with clients off all political ideologies.   And I'd like to keep it that way.  I can't imagine posting on every conceivable social media outlet strong opinions about any candidate or platform.   Most of us know what we post … (59 comments)

social media: Mr. Telemarketer-The Devil Made Me Do It - 02/09/11 09:30 AM
We've all had those moments.  The phone rings and the friendly voice on the other end introduces themselves and asks how your day is going.   Then the pitch starts.  In this case I'm not even sure what company Mr. Telemarketer was representing but the pitch was obviously canned.Telemarketer:  Would you like to dominate your market?  Me:                  Why of course I would.Telemarketer:   Did you know that you could dominate your market with Social Media?Me:                  I'm wondering before you called me to help me dominate my market with social media did you do any research?Telemarketer:   What do you mean, research on you?Me:                 Yes … (42 comments)

social media: Social Media-Keeping It In Perspective - 06/16/10 04:38 AM
There is no doubt that social media plays a large role in real estate and our lives in general. Every day the phone rings or an email arrives from someone who has found a blog post or a Facebook update that prompts a comment. But it isn't how many friends you have on Facebook or how many Tweets you post in a day that builds your business or brings fulfillment to your life. This clip from Chris Brogan an expert in social media says it all. … (5 comments)

social media: WHAT A DAY !!! RainCamp NYC was INCREDIBLE - PHOTO RECAP !!! - 01/12/10 11:35 PM
Sheldon is on top of it.  Even after a great party at Latitude in NYC he was home and publishing photos.  If you have a chance to attend a RainCamp in your area do so.
Information gathered and friends made at Rain Camp-Princeless!
This truly was everything it was advertised to be and more !
The entire day was choc full of info and recommendations, and lists of new amazing websites to make our lives and our Soicial Media exploits easier and more efficient.
I mentioned some of those websites in earlier posts today, but … (16 comments)

social media: Ten Four Good Buddy-What’s Your Handle? - 01/10/10 07:30 AM
With the explosion of social networking more agents are jumping on the bandwagon to create an on-line identity. A few years ago the National Association of Realtors ® came down hard on agents who were using the word Realtor® in their websites and now they are on the look out for agents who are using the word Realtor® in other on-line forums as well.
In a recent edition of VARBuzz, a blog maintained by the Virginia Association of Realtors® they provided a few examples of Twitter names that would be in violation of the NAR guidelines.
Unacceptable uses: • @ArlingtonRealtorJoe • … (15 comments)

social media: All this Snow has it Raining Hard in the House; Recognizing Activerain as a Learning Institution - 12/21/09 06:23 AM
You can easily earn a PhD by reading all of the information on Active Rain.Need technical help?  Read Active RainNeed marketing help?  Read Active RainNeed to find an agent in another city?  Read Active Rain
It is all right here for everyone to find.

All this Snow has it Raining Hard in the House; Recognizing Activerain as a Learning Institution
All this snow that has been falling for the past 9 hours has finally given me the time to revisit book marked blog posts for closer viewing. It has become clear to me that I need to treat … (0 comments)

social media: Julie Andrews and Blogging -What do They Have in Common - 12/17/09 12:07 AM
My family will tell you that if there is one habit they would like to break me of it is my ability to randomly start signing a refrain of a song for no apparent reason.  This week while knocking out eight more hours of continuing education a couple of attendees approached me on break and said; "I read your blog." 
Sure enough within a few minutes, as I was mulling over the fact that we truly don't know who is reading our blog, a Rogers and Hammerstein Song (sung by Julie Andrews) popped into my head : 
"Getting to Know YOU Getting … (14 comments)

social media: Introducing the 2nd Edition of Virtual Real Estate BarCamp. - 12/11/09 10:30 AM
If you don't have the time or budget to travel to a ReBar Camp then here is a great alternative.Come and go as you need and have the opportunity to learn from Social Media guru's from around the country.
Check it out now and register soon.

We're Back!Introducing the 2nd Edition of Virtual Real Estate BarCamp. Our first event was such a success, we decided to parlay the momentum into the launch of another.
January 4th - 9am until 4pm PST9 Hours, 28 Incredible Speakers, 1000s of Attendees!
It's Free! What Is Virtual BarCamp?How Do I Register?Who Is Speaking (To be … (9 comments)

social media: Blogging-Is There a Point of Diminishing Returns? - 06/13/09 04:20 AM
Any well trained athlete will tell you that there is a point where no extra time spent training will make you stronger or faster.  They develop a routine that works and they stick with it.  They are consistent.  They don't change their routine because they think they will dominate the competition by adding an extra hundred pounds to the bar bell or starting running sprints when it is a marathon they are trying to win.There is a point of diminishing returns with almost any activity we undertake and blogging might be one of them.  I'm a fairly steady blogger.  Usually on … (15 comments)

social media: Meeting Your Peeps at Virginia REBar Camp - 03/03/09 12:04 PM
The nice thing about Web 2.0 is that it breaks down the barrier of time and space.  You get to enjoy a great group of "peeps" that you might not ever meet in person but you feel as if you know them well.
Today was one of the chances that come along in our Web 2.0 world to close down the computer, turn off the cell phone and get to meet the people that you have made connections with on-line.  Of course no one turned off their computer as everyone was "twittering" about the event, adding new friends on Facebook or … (10 comments)

social media: Selling A Home The Active Rain Way - 01/09/09 10:32 AM
Blogger writes a post
Prospect reads the post
Prospects emails the blogger
Blogger responds to the email
Blogger and prospect exchange emails
Prospect becomes client
Client and blogger tour houses
Client finds a home

Agent and client write a contract
Contract presented and ratified
Client settles on New Home
Blogger writes a post

Thanks to Jim and Hyun who are relocating for a new assignment to the Pentagon for being the inspiration for this post. They found me on the internet, read my blogs, emailed me, we searched and we closed on their new home in time for … (23 comments)

social media: Three Must Have’s on Your Active Rain Subscriber List - 11/23/08 10:43 PM
When Active Rain has a "wild turkey" or two running around the server room, when there are changes made to the user interface or the introduction of new functionality, dozens of posts immediately appear asking "what is going on?"
The solution to knowing what is happening with our beloved social network is to subscribe to Bob Stewart, Brad Andersohn and Rich Jacobson's blogs.  Whenever the system has gone down or a change is coming these three guys are the ones in the know.  They are other great folks on the Active Rain team that we don't hear from often but I … (12 comments)

social media: Social Media Panel at NAR 2008 - 11/10/08 12:09 AM
Among the hugs and high fives of meeting other Active Rain members from around the country at NAR there was also a great exchange of information. The following is a clip from the social media panel. All of the panelists shared a number of ways that they were using social media to make connections within their community and with their customers. Here are just a few thoughts from the panel.


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