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This morning I woke up ready for a great day....Got dressed for the gym and run out in the pouring down rain (no problem) to my car which is sitting in the driveway faceing the 3 acre dog lot. I look up at "Riley" who is just sitting in the yard, not moving, staring at me with sad puppy dog eyes....
It's here.  I hope everyone woke up and had the same cheerful loving feeling in their heart as I did.  I will say, this was the first year in 3 years that we stayed home.  No travels!!!!  The furthest we got from the house was a walk after dinner.  Now we are watching a "House " marathon.  Hey, i...
This is in my backyard.  I have a memory garden my daughter and I created back in 2005 for my husband when he passed away.  Every holiday we add to it with special yard art or plants or trees.. This is what we put up there at easter.  It's a really cool place.  We also have a sundial that is an a...
Every year I have a dinner for my team and a few special friends.  It is very nice, but exspensive too.  This year I decided to have a luncheon instead.  It was fabulous.  I actually think it was less stressful then a dinner- for everyone.  My client care manager has 2 children, and I always invi...
I need help! I'm not traveling this year for Christmas.  My daughter and I are going to California for the Rose Bowl after Christmas.  No family coming in (they all live many states away) So, I am cooking dinner for two!  My daughter is allergic to Seafood and we're both tired of Ham and Turkey. ...
  Okay it's not wordless Wednesday or..something Sunday...but I wanted to share the beauty of our area. This is this morning looking out our mountains!!!!  They are especially beatiful when they are snow covered.  We have had a lot of rain snow...aghhhhh....Hoping for a white Christma...
I just finished reading Valerie's blog about taking the day off for her son's birthday.  A complete break from real estate.  Well good for you!  We all need to keep in mind what is important to us, I mean the real stuff!  Yes, our career is VERY important, but birthdays, holidays, me time...just ...
I just commented on a blog about giving the gift or charity- love it.  It got me going on another issue that I need help with.  My client care manager has been with me for 5 years.  She's great.  She has a wonderful family and her husband has a good job.  Her parents pay for childrens school in p...
I'm curious how other people relax. We have such a high stress job.  If we don't perform, we don't make a living.  Not to mention we are directly involved with the most important purchase in most peoples lives. I hear about people exercizing (which is great-I do to, but not to relax!) taking a wa...
How did this happen?  I cannot get enough of active rain!I wake up and the first thing I want to do is read what the latest blogs are.  I'm driving down the road and an idea hits me...I have to go blog on it.  Am I normal, is this a normal newbie behavior....will I ever be the same?  I'm not comp...

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