waxhaw nc: Waxhaw NC 28173 Market Report March 2010 - 03/28/10 01:52 AM


waxhaw nc: Waxhaw NC 28173 Market Report - 03/28/10 01:44 AM


waxhaw nc: Waxhaw NC 28173 Market Report Early February 2010 - 02/06/10 12:46 AM
Market Opinion in a Changing Waxhaw NC 28173 Environment


waxhaw nc: Waxhaw NC Real Estate September 2009 - 09/27/09 10:42 AM
Waxhaw NC Real Estate                                                                                            September 2009Carolinas Home Place
Cindy Sweeneywww.CinSweeney.com 704.242.0636 cell www.CinSweeney@carolina.rr.com 866.903.9192 faxWhat Do the Numbers Tell Us About Home Sales in Waxhaw NC?Home Pricing: Where Do You Stand? Comparison of total homes for sale versus homes under contract.
The  Fastest Moving  Markets:                                         The  Slowest Moving  Markets          $201-$250,000                                                          $1M-$2M          $251,$300,000                                                          $851-$900,000          $301-$350,000                                                          $901-$950,000          $751-$800,000                                                          $601-$650,000          $701-$751,000                                                          $351-$400,000

waxhaw nc: Waxhaw NC Housing Market September 2009 - 09/27/09 09:31 AM
Waxhaw NC Housing Market                                                                                                                September 2009
  Carolinas Home Place
Cindy Sweeney    www.CinSweeney.com CinSweeney@carolina.rr.com 704.242.0636 cell 866.903.9192 fax
Are Homes Sales Up or Down in Waxhaw NC?
Will Your Home Sell?
The latest figures from the Carolinas Multiple Listing Service for zip code 28173 show increasing ↑ sales, but decreasing ↓ sales prices.

In 28173, we closed 145 units over the last 2½ months: 84 homes sold between $150,000 and $400,000. An additional 61 homes sold between $400,000 and $2,000,000.
Statistics of these sold properties indicate sales prices received were 93% of listed price; however, this does not tell the story of distressed property … (0 comments)

waxhaw nc: Will You Sell Your Home? - 09/27/09 08:26 AM
Waxhaw NC Housing Market                                                                                                                  September 2009
Carolinas Home PlaceCindy Sweeney     704.242.0636     www.CinSweeney.com     CinSweeney@carolina.rr.com
14039 Hwy 74 E     Suite A6-234     Indian Trail, NC 28079 Selling Your Home?
Buying or selling a home can be a complicated process, overwhelming sometimes for those not accustomed to the procedures involved. Don't go it alone. Engage the service of an informed Realtor® to protect your financial interests.
If you were to place a for sale sign in your front yard, do you have access to market data indicating what your best listing price should be and what sales price you could expect to receive? 
Do you … (0 comments)

waxhaw nc: Waxhaw NC Real Estate September 2009 - 09/27/09 05:13 AM
Carolinas Home Place   
                                                                                                                                 NS = No Sales

waxhaw nc: Providence Downs Waxhaw NC Home Sales Data Spring 2009 - 04/19/09 07:36 AM


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waxhaw nc: Waxhaw NC 28173 Market Snapshot Post Election Charlotte NC Metro - 12/06/08 05:39 AM
Nothing speaks so earnestly of Waxhaw NC market as the facts. As a local realtor, I closely watch the market in Waxhaw, NC, a suburb of the Charlotte Metro Area. I report the number of houses for sale by price, as well as the number of days per neighborhood required to sell each home. I update this quarterly; however, with the slow-down noticed around the presidential election, I researched a special post-election edition. Enjoy this FREE Home Sales & Marketing Resource.
By Cindy Sweeney      http://www.cinsweeney.com
Homes for sale zip code 28173:
  29  $150,000-$200,000       47  $201,000-$250,000          67   $251,000-$300,000
  74   $301,000-$350,000       81  $351,000-$400,000          58  $401,000-$450,000                  
  43  $451,000-$500,000       33  $501,000-$550,000          37  $551,000-$600,000

Cindy Sweeney (Carolinas Triple Crown Realty, LLC)

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Waxhaw, NC 28173, suburb of Charlotte NC Metro Area lists homes for sale by price and number of days required to sale a home by neighborhood. Great information for those who wish to buy or sell a home in Waxhaw, NC. Also, spotlights on various neighborhoods for sales trends information.



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