wwwcircleshotmediacom: Another Beautiful Day In Maui Topped Off With Another Gorgeous Sunset!! - 08/14/10 08:11 PM
I am back in Maui again and loving my time here on this tropical island of paradise!!!  I brought my two boys with me this time to enjoy the remaining portion of their summer here, playing on the beach and lounging in the sun.  After a long day of sight seeing, we ventured down to the beach to catch another one of God's incredible paintings in the sky...
One of my favorite things to do is to look for shapes in the sky.  When I take a picture with my zoom lens on, I am amazed at the different … (6 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Who Doesn't Love Spring Flowers!!! - 05/18/10 06:06 PM
Flowers!  Flowers!  Flowers!!  When I endure all of the April Showers... I know that May will bring lots of flowers!!!  This is a collection of different unique and beautiful flowers that I have captured on film this year.  When the sky is gloomy and the rain is near, I have to remind myself... Spring is almost here!!!
I am always amazed at all of the different shapes, sizes, and colors that flowers come in.  I am curious as to how many different types there are in the … (18 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: A Beautiful Spring Day On A 17 Acre Ranch - Oh What A Beautiful State We Live In!! - 05/17/10 08:50 PM
Circle Shot Media had the pleasure of photographing a 17 acre ranch and home this week.  It is located in the Woodland area of Washington state.  The sun was shining and the temperature was warm.  As we drove up into the country, I couldn't help but think of how nice it would be to live in the area surrounded by all of the beauty around us.  Every bend in the road brought another beautiful sight.  Flowers in bloom, streams shimmering in the sun, and red tail hawks flying over our heads. 
The property is located at 418 NW Hayes Road, Woodland, … (3 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Brutal Bloodshed In Such A Beautiful Place! - 04/13/10 11:06 AM
While walking through the Iao Valley, I pondered the history of this bloody battle, the battle of Kepaniwai, which means "The damming of the waters" (http://en.wikepedia.org/w/Ki/Iao_Valley).  It got this name because when the battle occurred, the Iao stream was blocked by dead bodies. 

As you can see in the photo above, the Hawaiian warriors were able to see all the way to the coast line.  This made the Valley a great location for their community.
In 1790 The Iao Valley was invaded by King Kamehameha when his forces landed in Kahului Bay at the base of the valley.  The word … (15 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Casting Call In Kihei, Maui - Jenifer Aniston & Adam Sandler & Nichole Kidman Filming At The Grand Wailea - 03/26/10 08:20 PM
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler will be filming a portion of their upcoming movie, "Just Go With It"  in Maui at the exquisit Grand Wailea Resort.  Hundreds of extras are needed for the Columbia Pictures production.  A casting call is set for Saturday, March 27, 2010, in Kihei. 

I don't know about you, but I could handle getting paid to lounge around the pool side, eating and drinking for free while being a part of such an exciting event.  Filming is projected to last 4 to 6 weeks.  The photo below is the pool side mentioned above.  It is a gorgeous posh resort … (20 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Oh The Life Of A Maui Dog!!! - 03/25/10 07:14 PM
Today when I went to the shoreline to take some pictures of the sunset, I saw this dog playing fetch with his master.  I couldn't resist shooting these photos!  Oh what a life!  Looking forward to playing on the beach while the gorgeous Maui sun sets. 

What a happy dog he is.  After several throws the sun began to set and I was able to watch God paint before my eyes!  I find it amazing that the colors of the sunset change so quickly and drape across the sky.  The cloud emphasize … (21 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Whales Whales Everywhere!!! - 03/16/10 11:50 PM
Wow!! What a day!!  I went out on a whale watching boat today with my Mom, and boy did we see a lot of whales!  The weather was beautiful and the sea was calm.  We had only been out of the harbor for about 10 minutes and we came up on a competition pod of humpback whales. 
Below is a whale expelling the water vapor from their lungs.  When they do this, the vaper comes out at 300 miles per hour and each of their lungs is the size of a volkswagon bug.

A competition pod contains mainly male whales … (35 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Why Do I Love Maui?! Let Me Count The Ways!!! - 03/13/10 05:21 PM
Why do I love Maui?!!  That's simple... The photos below should give you a good idea!  This is one of my favorite whale watching spots.  The hammock in the middle is there for anyone to use.  It is a great way to relax in the warm tropical sunshine.

When you visit the islands, it is important to watch out for falling coconuts!

The photo below was taken over the sugar cane fields.

This is the remodeled pool at Kaanapali Alii where we have a condo.

It doesn't matter what beach you are at, you see a lot … (20 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: A House Or A Castle?! - 03/13/10 01:27 PM
This gives a new meaning to luxury home!  Circle Shot Media did a virtual tour on this house and enjoyed every minute of it!  This goes beyond luxury homes!!!  Check out all of the custom craftsmanship through out the house!  With a house like this I would never move again!

I was surprised at the size of the lot the house is located on.  It is quite large!

Thsi is where you drive through to park in the main garage.

This is the back of the house.

The back yard is quite large. 

The formal … (3 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Wow This House Is Gorgeous!!! - 03/12/10 07:24 PM
Circle Shot Media had the opportunity to do a virtual tour on the property located at 817 SE 202 Drive, Camas, WA 98607.  What a house!!!  One of the perks of our profession is having the opportunity to view so many beautiful luxury homes around the Porland, Vancouver metro area. 

This place is increadible!  The property lot size is very large with lots of room for intertaining.
For More photographs and a virtual tour of this property please visit www.circleshotmedia.com.
To arrange a showing of this property, Please contact:  Jason or Carol Curtis at www.nwbliss.com.

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Everyone Loves A Sunset - 03/11/10 06:03 PM
Sunsets are often breath taking, especially here on the Hawaiian Islands!  Each night, I am ready for the sun to go down with my camera in hand.  Each day, I look forward to the sunset and wonder what colors the sky will put on display today.  Here is a collection of sunset photos that I have taken in the past 11 days.  This one was taken from my Mom's lanai.

The colors are always different and the cloud cover displays an array of shapes and patterns that are fun to watch change as the sun goes down over the horizon.

wwwcircleshotmediacom: The Earthquake In Chile Brings Huge Waves To Hawaii - 03/07/10 08:35 PM
As we have all heard, on February 26, 2010 Japan was hit by a 7.0 earthquake.  The following day, Chile was hit by an 8.8 earthquake.  A tsunami watch was issued for the Hawaiian Islands.  There was said to be a tsunami coming on both sides of the islands.  The tsunami sirens sounded and the beaches were cleared.  Helicopters flew overhead and spoke from loud speakers telling everyone to evacuate the area and head to higher ground...
Flights were canceled, schools were closed,  and people watched eagerly to see if the giant wave would come.  The gas stations were packed as many people fled to the gas … (22 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Mother Nature's Miracles!!! - 03/03/10 05:39 PM
I took a drive today to the lava flows here on Maui.  As you drive out further into the lava flow, it becomes very desolate and quiet.  I was looking to see if I could figure out where the vent was that the lava had originated from.  I came to an area where the lava flow must have been at least 5 to 6 feet tall, and there it was! 
The photo below is the side vent that released most of the lava in this eruption.  The bottom of the photo is where they cut a one lane road through the … (26 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Back to Paradise! - 03/01/10 08:51 AM
I left the rainy cold state of Washington and jumped on a plane to go and help my Mother with some things that just can't be handled over the phone so far away.  When I landed, it was pouring!!!  I have been to the Hawaiian Islands many times, but I have never been here when it has rained and entire day.  As we got closer to her home and further from the airport, the rain began to slow and the largest, most beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. 
When we reached Mom's house the rainbow had grown into 2 rainbows.  It was … (19 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Can You See Where The Avalanche Occurred? - 02/23/10 08:28 AM
This year on Mount Hood about a month or so ago, there was an avalanche.  We were driving down the road and looked up as the snow was barreling down the side of the Mountain.  Can you tell where the avalanche occurred? 

Take a closer look at the photo below.  Some of the snow has melted exposing the rock making it a bit more difficult to see the slide area. 

The area to the left where the slope levels out to a flattened area is where all of the snow piled up after the avalanche happened.  We … (14 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: The Little Chihuahua Surrogate Mother - 02/22/10 05:30 AM
This is Lilly... She is a 10 year old chihuahua that has raised 3 kittens from one litter and 2 more from other litters.  I came home one day and a friend had called to ask me for some help with a cat that had abandoned her kittens.  I hurried over to her house to find her holding a towel with 3 kittens in it that were still attached to the placenta by there cords.  I quickly went into action and sent my friend off to the feed store to get supplies that I would need to care for the babies.  … (34 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Salt Water Fish Tanks The Easy Way - No Trouble Or Hassle At All!!! - 02/21/10 03:45 PM
Many people don't want to set up a salt water fish tank or reef tank because they have heard that maintaining a salt tank is a lot of work.  I have the answer for all of you included in this group!  It is the Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation,Inc.  Visit their website at:  www.garf.org and see just how easy it can be.  The secret is in their GRUNGE.   What is grunge you ask?

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Beautiful Sunshine And A Gorgeous View! - 02/19/10 05:21 PM
February 2ndthe ground hog saw his shadow and said we would have 6 more weeks of winter.  I think he might have gotten it wrong this time.  At least in this neck of the woods.  It was beautiful this week.  The sunshine has been out and the flowers are all blooming!  We went down to the Columbia River and took some pictures of Mount Hood.  This is the view from a property that is for sale here in Camas Washington on Old Evergreen Highway.

The small island off to the right hand side of the picture is packed during the … (16 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Feeling Very Lucky To Be Alive Today!!! That Was Close!! - 02/16/10 08:09 AM
I arrived at my home after a long day of work and school.  When I came in through the front door, I didn't notice anything different.  I had to make a quick trip to the lady's room so I ran through the house without really looking around.  When I returned to the living room a few minutes later, I had gotten on the phone with my husband Peter and my dogs were going crazy.  Peter asked me what was going on with the dogs.  I had no clue why they were barking like mad.  As I walked around the corner of our … (20 comments)

wwwcircleshotmediacom: Real Estate Market Update - 02/16/10 05:37 AM
I found this article this morning and thought that I should share the info.  It may directly effect us all!  Go to :  http://www.bankrate.com/finance/real-estate/5-good-sites-for-online-home-shopping-1.aspx  to see the origianl article.  It is quite interesting.

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