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Please read today's post at MortgageBlog.com to see how a mortgage contract may save the mortgage broker's ability to make loans as HR 3915 Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act of 2007 rolls on.
I read a post on realtor wives recommending dustoff for your car http://realtorwives.blogspot.com/2007/07/chick-clues-car-detailing.html   This stuff has been linked to several deaths. Kids are sniffing it to get high so PLEASE keep out of reach of teens and younger kids.  This is also a common i...
See more at Mortgage Blogs. New mortgage blog service announced. A new service has been launched called MortgageBlogs.com. MortgageBlogs.com is a visual directory of Mortgage Blogs - allowing users to find Mortgage Blogs by the author's location. Using a map of the United States or the ability to...
Yesterday with much fanfare 53,000 premium .tv domain names were made available.  Curious as to the interest level of the .tv especially with real estate as it seems like a great opportunity for the use of video to tour homes and neighborhoods and local highlites within the community.  I bought A...
Fingers Point as the Sky is FallingReading many of my favorite mortgage blogs lately it seems everyone is pointing fingers regarding the "sky is falling" attitude of many mortgage industry participants and pundits. National news media and the channels like CNBC mention the subprime mortgage crisi...
I have added randomly selected celebrity bloggers to my web site MortgageBlog.com - you may or may not be selected but each day we mix it up and add a different active rain account ! Today we are featuring mortgage bloggers from around the country..  are you here?  do you recognize someone? This ...
Mortgage fraud, predatory lending and bad conduct by mortgage originators remains a hot topic amongst politicians, regulators, consumer watchdogs and the media. It would appear that the ultimate conclusion is the requirement of a legal mortgage agreement, a mortgage contract or loan contract, sig...
Anyone that knows me knows that I am very bullish on the idea of small companies and individuals using the internet to compete with companies of any size - the great thing is that  on the internet everyone has the same amount of monitor screen size as everyone else.... What the smaller companies ...
 Would you consider becoming a mortgage broker to help your home buyers have a simpler process?  This is happening in AZ and CA and may become a growing trend.... http://www.azcentral.com/business/articles/0120biz-gl-loan0120.htmlSome Valley real estate agents are on the cusp of a new trend to si...
Since most home purchases are financed and many home buyers are home sellers it would seem that the ability to create online marketing partnerships with high quality mortgage brokers that serve your local area would be a wise idea. Anyone trying this?  Any success stories that you are willing to ...

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Helping Active Rain realtors and mortgage professionals build their web presence.