omaha real estate: Giving them what they want. Omaha Real Estate Marketing is now transparent - 01/20/09 09:28 AM
I have been working on this concept for nearly 30 years.  I got into real estate in 1980.  For those of you that were still a twinkle back then, let me remind you that 30 years ago you NEVER advertised real estate with a price, address and most of the time with no real information.  We were encouraged to create as much smoke and mirrors as possible, anything to get a phone number.  No wonder real estate agents were rated right up there with used car salespersons.   My have times changed.

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We've been designing, refining and selling the next generation in Agent Websites. And now we have 2 different versions: The Basic Version let's you gather leads and then work those leads in your MLS System. The Advanced Version has a contact management tool, tracks shoppers' activities and lets you interact on their favorites in a Facebook-like format.



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