In the last couple of weeks, I have heard more and more real estate agents and loan officers tell me that they believe we might be near the bottom of the housing market in San Jose.  Their biggest support for this theory is kind of interesting.  It goes like this: " How much lower can home prices...
Buyer's look forward to closing escrow (COE), because they have been told that after escrow closes they will receive the keys to their new home.  Signing documents regarding the purchase of a home can be a little overwhelming for some and for others a white and black blur.  For many clients simpl...
Not every real estate agent works a deal the same way. That is why every seller should make sure they insist on seeing what is commonly called the "net" sheet. Formerly, this is the "Seller's Estimated Proceeds" worksheet. It is exactly what the title implies, an estimation of the proceeds a sell...
In 1978, the ballot initiative "People's Initiative to Limit Property Taxation" was put in place by the voters of California.  This initiative basically restricted the increase in property taxes per year to 1% of value.   The result was a 57% cut in property taxes for California. This initiative ...
I look for something positive to occur regarding real estate every day.  For most of 2008,  I embraced the hope that a new president promised.  I started to get excited as I   witnessed sales numbers go up while interest rates lowered to 4.8% in December 2008.  I re-energized when it was official...

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