lebron james delonte west playoffs nba cougar celtics sex the real gold standard charles chip jenkins chris heidelberg: Yo Man, I Left My Air Jordans Under Your Mom's Bed: Parental Discretion Advised - 05/23/10 09:07 AM
If there were ever fighting words, the headline of my story would be enough to make most men go down to Knuckle Junction. There is nothing that can get a man off the couch quicker than talking about his mom. Case in point, what is up with the ugly rumor circulating that LeBron James' teammate, Delonte West, slept with LeBron's mom? This is a fine example of playing the dozens but only on a greater scale. There are a lot of things in this society that are certainly off limits. For instance, it ain't a good idea to sleep with your … (2 comments)


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