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I have heard the chorus of protests from friends, family, celebrities, leaders and even those charged with the enforcement of this unjust law. I have seen the smug, evil smile of Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, who is laboring under the misconception that this law is a good idea. What the heck is s...
Whatever happened to good old fashioned civility? It seems to have just plain disappeared from our society. On one side of the street we have bunch of loud, angry people with guns, yelling socialism and government get out of my face. On the other side, we have a group of people who think the peop...
Did you ever hear of a guy in a corner office with a pinstripe suit ordering a new Mercedes while the market is tanking? Do you really want me to tell you who this guy is, because you don't want to know? That's right, it's the guy in Manhattan fifty floors above the sidewalk handling your money. ...
Is this a critical time in the history of our nation ? It seems that states are enacting laws that are becoming more and more unreasonable. Case in point, let's look at the Arizona immigration law that allows police officers the right to question people about their immigration status if there's r...
Man oh man, I shouldn't but I have to. It is very rare when I am handed a subject that is a veritable slam dunk. No, I am not talking about male enhancement. I am talking about the 400 meter dash. Back in the day, I used to be a pretty fair 400 meter runner. Sure I made a few bucks circling the t...
I have decided to take the night off from bashing political figures. No, I don't want to debate Gun Rights or the rights of angry moronic people with an imaginary ax to grind. I would like to have an open and frank discussion about your local sports team. In my case, it would be the Washington Re...
There is nothing more sobering than attending a rally full of people toting loaded weapons. That's right, there you have it, hundreds of like minded individuals assembled in a national park somewhere in Virginia at a "Restore the Constitution" rally. I wasn't aware that the Constitution of this g...
What the heck is going on here? The economy is bad. Sarah Palin is running her fat trap and, yes, athletes are losing it.  We have a whole subset of Americans whose wallets have not been affected by this economic downturn. Yet, these particular individuals have chosen to skid across the periphery...
Maybe I am beating a dead horse, but some stories are too juicy to go quietly into the night.  Josyln James is the latest in the cavalcade of porn stars that Tiger Woods has had sexual congress with. Now I was never one to make light of another man's sexual skulduggery, but damn Tiger. When is en...
Yes, I am well aware that the sequel is never as good as the original. In light of the overwhelming response to our first article, we at The Real Gold Standard decided we would address some issues that may be on the minds of our more angry readers. Chris and I have been accused of being racists. ...

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