appraisal: YOU DON'T NEED AN APPRAISAL!! - 10/06/10 12:06 PM
That's right, you heard correctly. You can still get a loan without getting an appraisal. How do you do that you might ask? It's called the FHA streamline refinance. Without an appraisal.
You may have heard of the FHA streamline without an appraisal, it is certainly not new, but with the current state of the mortgage market and home values, this loan matters more now than ever before. Most people are familiar with the streamline that requires an appraisal. An appraisal is required when a borrower is looking to included their closing costs in the new loan amount. Actually, an appraisal is mandatory … (1 comments)

appraisal: HVCC is driving off into the sunset! - 09/17/10 06:53 AM
Selling Notice: New Appraiser Independence Requirements Being Developed
I'm not sure what this means for the appraisal process moving forward, but hopefully it will be an improvement over the exisitng system. Stay Tuned!
Here is a link to the actual announcement:

When we last left our hero, Moe Jazzei, he was battling the evil PHANTOM GUIDELINE. Unable to locate this 20% square footage appraisal requirement in any underwriting manual, moe was unsure about the fate of his otherwise perfect loan.
Just then the phone rang, it was the Nuntrust account rep. " I checked with our help desk, Moe, they can't find this guideline either." " That's because it doesn't exist!", Moe quipped. Its a PHANTOM GUIDELINE!!" "Wait there's more. I spoke with the underwriting supervisor and she waived the condition."
"Hal-a- frickin' lew yah!!" Moe shouted. Once again the PHANTOM GUIDELINE … (1 comments)

appraisal: ATTACK OF THE PHANTOM GUIDELINE! - 06/14/09 06:51 PM
That's right people, its time for another episode of the "Attack of the Phantom Guideline"! What's that you say, you're not familiar with that show? Me neither, but apparently it comes on whenever i am trying to close a cream puff of a loan. You know, it's the show where lenders make up underwriting guidelines that no one (me) has ever seen or heard of before, and then have no way of backing them up.
This week's episode: "The 20% Square footage guideline."
Our show begins with our mild mannered mortgage broker, Moe Jazzei, who we find has just received his … (9 comments)

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