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I do a lot of foreclosures, but this is a first for me. Need advice on how to handle a situation where I have been asked to put a foreclosure on the market. The lender had the preservation company do the initial lock change, winterization, photos, etc. The property appeared vacant, and locks were...
I could not believe it. Recently upon reviewing my messages, I had received a voice mail from an out-of-state owner who had recently relocated in a hurry due to a job transfer. He wanted to list his home with an assessed value of almost $1,000,000 which he had vacated and after scheduling an appt...
It is being reported that the moratium on foreclosures will be lifted if Republicans take office. I can find no documantation to validate this comment left on an REO Group Blog. Is this a fact or a ploy to sway votes in the upcoming election. As a realtor who lists almost exclusively REOs, this i...
Known as "The Tombstone House of Petersburg". This historic home was built in 1934 by a developer from the tombstones of over 2000 CIVIL WAR SOLDIERS who lost their lives during the 10 month seige of Petersburg, VA in June of 1864. This was the longest seige in American History. Solid 4 bedroom h...
I have an available listing in Rockbridge County, VA. I am a Broker in Richmond, VA and this is outside of my area and I was looking for an agent interested in a Referral Agreement. It is a single family home. If interested, please contact Carol M. Johnson at (804) 490-1872.
Having been born and raised in the North, I must say it was quite a shock relocating to the South and seeing the many types of Spiders, Rodents, and various types of Animals. As I list a lot of REOs and have gone to homes which had been vacant for some time, I come across a lot of things that hav...
How many times have I heard a Buyer say they were told "the Seller MUST repair all items which come up during either a home inspection or an appraisal? Too many to mention!!! I wonder how many agents have told their Buyers this information knowing that if they explained the options that a Seller ...
NoPawsLeftBehind.org is an organization I recommend to homeowners who are facing foreclosure and through no fault of their own cannot take their pets with them. This website offers a source of information for homeowners who are not sure who to call or what different options they have regarding wh...
The historic nature of Petersburg, VA and yet another reason why you should consider purchasing a home in the City of Petersburg, VA during your home search.... Petersburg, Virginia   Petersburg, Virginia -  City  - Downtown Petersburg Seal Nickname(s): The Cockade City Location in the State of V...
I have been contacted several times over my real estate career with companies offering to send "leads" my way for a fee. Some have offered to do this for a monthly fee, some have a "pay for each lead" fee. Does this ever generate real leads for agents or are these agents simply paying for buyers ...

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CAROL M. JOHNSON REALTY Offices in Petersburg and Henrico VA We specialize in Foreclosed/REO Listings and Short Sales. We serve the following Counties: Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Henrico, Richmond, Caroline, Hanover, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, Colonial Heights, Chester.