ken goodfellow: Active listening - 08/27/08 05:20 AM
Active listening is a behavior. Poor listening creates tension, while active listening builds rapport and trust with a customer. There are three skills to remember in active listening:
1. Feeling: This is the ability to recognize silent messages that the customer is sending through vocal intonation, body language and facial expressions.
2. Acknowledging: This is the act of receiving and acknowledging the customer’s message and feelings. Accepting that message as true and valid, without judgment of content.
3. Responding: This is the process of giving and inviting feedback to determine the accuracy of the customer’s message and feelings. The active listener … (3 comments)

ken goodfellow: The Top 10 Mistakes When Doing a Business Plan - 08/26/08 12:29 AM
We are half way through 2008 and soon we'll be concentrating on next year’s plan. Perhaps this is a good time for a memory jog!
Statistics show only 3% of us operate with a written business plan. If you are part of that elite group, you are probably reaping the rewards that come from knowing what you want, where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Van Gogh remarked, "Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together."
If you've been part of the 97%, but are ready to … (3 comments)

ken goodfellow: Ten Ways You Can Increase Profitability —In Today’s Market - 06/13/08 03:51 AM
Is your business making the profit it should? Many individuals continually strive harder to make their business more successful, but in the end—despite their grand efforts—profit still languishes! Like Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill in Hades, this is the essence of a lose/lose situation. We recently heard of a hard working manager who, after assessing the cost for each of his business transactions, realized that each sale lost the company $261.00! If you are increasing the volume of your business, you must also increase your profit. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? How do you accomplish it? Here are the top … (0 comments)


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