cyrus khadivi: A Guide to Recessionary Success - 07/22/08 06:37 AM
As the economy continues to struggle, I want to take a few moments to give you perspective from my professional standpoint.
We are currently amidst one of the largest banking crises since the Great Depression of the 1929 era.  As a result of that time period, the government sponsored two banking entities that would be used for times of crises, and they are known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  However, to confirm our troubled times, even Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are on the brink of collapse.  They are currently in need a government bailout.  To assert even more … (2 comments)

cyrus khadivi: Important change in the mortgage and real estate sector -- YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!! - 03/05/08 12:22 PM
Dear friends, family, colleagues, and associates,
I have great news that is directly related to our housing market and overall economy.  As you may know, George W. Bush signed into legislation a new provision for conforming and jumbo limits on February 13th, 2008.  Prior to this, any mortgage above $417,000 was considered a jumbo loan and could not be sold off and securitized to and by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the two government sponsored entities who buy and insure loans).  As a result, all jumbo loans USED to be told to investors (overseas, Wall Street, etc. etc.) with higher rates associated … (0 comments)

cyrus khadivi: 30-Year Mortgage Demystified: An Opinion on America's Single Largest Debt and Asset - 03/02/08 08:18 AM
30-Year Mortgage Demystified:
An Opinion on America's Single Largest Debt and Asset
For a lot of Americans in 2008, a paradigm shift occurred with institutional finances.  As the mortgage meltdown and the real estate crisis continued from 2007 and has bled into 2008, a lot of Americans, who had previously been working long weeks and long hours merely to be good borrowers in the eyes of the big banks, have simply let go.  They not only let go of their mortgage payments, which at times doubled and tripled almost instantaneously, but these Americans let go of the notion that their homes were assets.
Through … (0 comments)

cyrus khadivi: 2008: The Year of the Appropriate Mortgage - A Closer Look - 02/18/08 06:16 AM
The Year Of The Appropriate Mortgage:
A Closer Look
As I last wrote, 2008 is a new year with lots of new resolutions on the horizon.  Aside from the personal goals we have all set individually, our government and economic ambassadors have hefty goals to meet as well.
For one, they must salvage and continue to save our economy.  Some believe we are already in a recession, with a faltering stock market, a nervous Wall Street, anxious investors overseas, unhealthy unemployment figures, and the obvious housing market.
Be joyous though, friends.  There is good news on the horizon.  Our government is stepping in (probably with … (2 comments)

cyrus khadivi: 2008: Lending Practices in Review - 02/02/08 09:41 AM
Lending Practices in Review
For quite a while now, I have been writing articles regarding the mortgage and real estate industry.  Just recently I decided to publish them, superseding the apprehension that I may spark controversy with my realistic and unbiased views on the industry and the big players in the sector.  As a caveat to this article: this is my honest and humble opinion; this is not to be taken as a factual statement, and is being protected by the right to free thinking and right to exercise free speech and press in any form, be it verbal, written, or via … (0 comments)

cyrus khadivi: HR 3915: Its Passing and the Message Conveyed - 01/27/08 07:37 AM
Market Update
Cyrus Khadivi
HR 3915: Its Passing and The Message Conveyed
We all know our economy has drastically been affected by the mortgage turmoil and the deterioration of credit. So naturally, everyone wants to suggest cures to the ill that has plagued not only the U.S. economy but a global economy.
Some solutions have been very sound and reasonable. Some have been absolutely ridiculous. It seems the ones that are most reasonable usually come from the unsuspecting normal citizen; the ones that are most outlandish stem from those who have a bias, or their hand in the pot at … (0 comments)

cyrus khadivi: 2008: The Year of the Appropriate Mortgage - 01/27/08 07:34 AM
The Year of The Appropriate Mortgage
As we start this new year, resolutions will be made while only some will be achieved and upheld. Some will tackle personal goals, while some will address physical aspirations. Most Americans may choose to address financial resolutions, in hopes of furthering financial success and growth.From my humble experience, I have come to realize a world of neglect in an abundance of Americans' mortgage planning. You see, I encounter homeowners, investors, and clients each and every single day. As I review each case, and sometimes do preliminary underwriting on some, I realize that most do not realize … (3 comments)


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