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Dang it!  I was really hoping for an out on making Agarita jelly...but alas...after all the leaf pokin, dirt washin, and berry separating...I cooked it...tasted it...and, alas, was good.  The good news is that I learned that half the steps I took to prepare the berries were unnecessary.  Pr...
Being a "rural lifestyle realtor" poses some challenges and even danger at points.  Don't get me wrong...I love the rural lifestyle and the joys and challenges that come with it.  But, when my husband showed me the pea-size agarita berry and told me how "easy" it was to beat the bushes to harvest...
Woolly worms are notorious for predicting hard winters around the world.  In fact, in North Carolina they have festivals in their honor.  When I nearly squished one crossing the road on my way to preview property yesterday my mind began to race with wonderment of what he could possibly be predict...
You would think that in a tough economy every listing would be important...but after a day of land previewing I found out that land listings tend to be the "red-headed-step-child" of listings.  One of the first parcels I looked at...(or I thought I looked at)...didn't have a sign...was overgrown ...
We just moved to the most beautiful place in the country just outside Boerne, TX...complete with 10 laying hens.  I was having my morning "quiet time" on my back porch...listening to the chickens mumuring and clucking in the yard around me.  I have had chickens before and spent quite a bit of tim...
It's been nearly two months since I have been on Active Rain...  Did you miss me?  Cuz, I missed you.  Gosh...pull up a chair and grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you what's happened.  First...I made a huge step backwards...yes backwards...but in a very forward kinda way.  I left Southland Lo...

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