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We got the call at 6:37am to "come quickly." Instantly, I knew it was my mother in law, calling about Debbie's Dad, and something urgent about his lengthy fight with cancer.  The next hour was spent canceling appointments, trying desperately to tie down loose ends and rocket out the door to the D...
It's nearing the end of the month and for many Realtors the madness will begin.  Most closings seems to happen in the last few days of the month for those trying to bring as little to the closing table as possible.  Then, with loans getting more difficult to get approved and on time for those end...
Douglas A. McIntyre of the Wall Street 24/7 wrote an article that was published on the start page for Yahoo this morning.  The above headline caught my I quickly scanned down to see who those industries were and was surprised to see my own profession.  Seeing, construction, cars, newspap...
I like to call them squiggly thingy's...but after careful research I found out that those little curly q's on my cucumbers plants are called "tendrils".  Whatever you want to call them...I am fascinated with their quirky personalities and determination to be at the top of the trellis.  I do reali...
09/14/2010's been a long time comin...but I finally succeeded in making my first "crack-less" cheesecake. For those of you that have made cheesecakes...ya'll know that it's nearly impossible to get it NOT to crack after it comes out of the oven...  I now know the reason why you see toppings on che...
Call it the "perfect storm" or just fate...but two weeks ago Bell Domino Marble's parents, Claire and Larry, were called to see if Bell would be willing to play the younger version of a dog named Cooper in a production being shot in San Antonio.  The producers of the film had got a picture of Be...
Ohhhhhhhhh if that were only true of my personal buns...but what I am talking about is a great new recipe I found for hamburger buns...ones that can be in your mouth in 40 minutes!  My husband had made a hamburger bun request earlier this week and I thought..."Really???  Do people do that?"  I wa...

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