rural lifestyle realtor: RX for End-Of-The-Month Madness - 09/20/10 03:14 AM
It's nearing the end of the month and for many Realtors the madness will begin.  Most closings seems to happen in the last few days of the month for those trying to bring as little to the closing table as possible.  Then, with loans getting more difficult to get approved and on time for those end-of-the-month closings, Realtors are having to pull out all the stops to make sure the deal gets done.  If only Fifi could have been there for some of my deals... 
In the early days of my real estate career there were many times I wanted to commit sideways (a kinder, … (0 comments)

rural lifestyle realtor: Moo...this gate don't belong here! - 08/05/10 05:59 AM
I recently blogged about " the cistern half empty or half full?" not realizing that what was already bad would get even worse.  Did I believe what I wrote.  Yes.  Did it change my circumstances. No...unfortunately not.  What it did do was bring me to a place of dependence instead of my usual independence...a place where I proudly declared..."I've got this one covered, God...don't need your help." 
It's not a bad place to be even though the sting of personal growth has been seemingly unbearable at times.  It was during one of those times that my sister, Melody, recounted the first … (4 comments)

rural lifestyle realtor: Perspective--Is The Cistern Half Empty or Half Full? - 07/31/10 05:48 AM
In a matter of less than 24 hours my truck died (on the way to an appointment no less) and I accidentally emptied our cistern of all the water (on a slow response well...Lord have mercy!).  No big...except that they can't have my truck fixed until next week and I had friends visiting for the weekend with no hope of water in our house for another 12 hours.  Oh...did I mention that my husband had to leave work to come out to the boonies to pick me up in his truck (which, btw, didn't have AC)?  It wasn't a good day.  Tensions were running high … (9 comments)

rural lifestyle realtor: Number 123 In The State of Texas...But, Hey, I Got Here The Hard Way - 07/30/10 02:38 AM
All right! All right!  I confess...I do look at my ranking on Active Rain in hopes to one day be a little farther up the board.  So, I peaked at my competition to see what they were blogging about...just for grins.  I figured...maybe their blogs could give me ideas for future blogs.  It didn't take me long to realize that most of their blogs were their new listings.  (Insert air being let outta my idealistic balloon here). 
Here I was thinking that all of those Active Rainer's that were ahead of me were blogging their little hearts out with riveting, … (13 comments)

rural lifestyle realtor: South Texas Ranch Rodeo--A Taste of the Old West Coming To Boerne, TX This Weekend - 07/28/10 04:10 AM
Back in the day...or at least "my day" like myself couldn't wait for the times when we could watch shows like Roy Rogers, Sky King, Bonanza, The Rifleman, Wagon Train and Gunsmoke.  It wouldn't be unusual to see scenes in those programs where there would be a "friendly" competition to see who could rope the best or brand their steer the fastest.  To me it was a fantasy I only dreamed of...but here in South Texas it's been going on for decades. 

If you have ever wondered just what real working cowboys do during their work week...then you need to take the … (4 comments)

rural lifestyle realtor: How Does "Your" Garden Grow? - 07/26/10 04:30 AM
For those of you that don't live in Texas...we garden here year round...  We recently moved to our new place just outside of Boerne, Texas and it came complete with 10 laying chickens and a wannabe garden.  The folks that owned the place before us had good intentions of having a beautiful raised bed garden, but a job opportunity took them elsewhere and all that was left were some good bones for us to work with.
Larry and I both saw the potential...but we also saw all the work it was gonna take to put in the garden.  The soil was rocky … (12 comments)

rural lifestyle realtor: Down On The Farm Radio Website Launched Today! - 07/08/10 03:43 PM

It's been a long time coming...but my husband's website for his Ag news radio program is finally live!  Larry has been hosting the most popular farm and ranch program in Texas, covering 100,000 square miles, for nearly 14 years.  He took the show from a 15 minute spot on KKYX-680 AM to full hour and now thousands of top producers listen to his show every day from 12:05-1:00p.m..  If you are a farmer or rancher the show is essential for the latest market reports as well as auction prices.  If you are a hobby farmer, wannabe, or are just interested in the rural lifestyle...there's … (4 comments)

rural lifestyle realtor: Celebrating the 4th With A Rural Attitude - 07/01/10 08:06 AM
Holidays are a great excuse for celebrating...especially the 4th of July.  Out here in the country...well...we have our own way of doing things.  So...I thought I might pass on some of these helpful hints for the holidays:
If you can't find your horseshoes for the family might try this: If you're expecting a crowd for your cook out and run out of wienie sticks...try this: Don't have a grill?  Ya got the food on the table...drinks ready...plates, napkins and flatware...  Crum!  You forgot about a patriotic centerpiece.  Never can always try this: Nothing for your kids to wear to the picnic???  Grab … (6 comments)

rural lifestyle realtor: Leasing--The "Lousy T-Shirt" of Commissions? - 07/01/10 02:51 AM
I've been showing ALOT of lease clients lately...  Don't get me each one of them and know that they could eventually lead to a sale.  That's not the issue.  And frankly, there may not be an issue here...that's why I am deferring to you.
Here's the question..."Should lease commissions on homes for the leasing agent be a tad higher?"  I recently brought a good client to a listing agent on a home where he had just put the sign in the yard.  His commission?...$1100.  My commission?...$250.  After my broker split, I got $175.  That didn't even pay my gas for the … (6 comments)

rural lifestyle realtor: Broken Stone Pizza Co.-- Pizza The Way It Was Meant To Be - 06/16/10 03:52 AM
I will simply never tire of eating pizza.  Not sure where that craving came from...but I have to contend with it nonetheless.  The problem with that craving is there are few reeeeeally good pizza restaurants in Texas...but more specifically in Boerne, Texas.  No doubt, Texans have a corner on Mexican and Tex-Mex foods, but struggle in the area of truly good pizza.
Move over Dominos and every other pizza wannabe...the Broke Stone Pizza Company is in the house.  I had seen a banner out in front of their location on 1022 N. Main Street in Boerne, TX and commented to my sister..."Gosh, … (0 comments)

rural lifestyle realtor: Just The Facts, Ma'am...The Truth About Seller Financing in Texas - 06/14/10 02:44 AM

I was recently telling one of my co-workers about a deal I had worked on where the deal got so desperate that the owner offered seller-financing.  I thought it was a great solution to a not-so-great loan outcome in that the buyer had 40% to put down and had great credit but couldn't get financing on this particular house.  My co-worker was quick to say..."You know...there's no longer seller financing in Texas."  "What! What do you mean there's no longer seller financing?"  She said, "As of May 31st a seller can only provide financing if it's a family member...thanks to our new administration!"

rural lifestyle realtor: It Takes a Village and a Front End Loader...To Make Agarita Jelly - 06/04/10 05:21 AM
I recently posted two blogs on how to make agarita jelly... missed them???  Guess you're not using agarita jelly recipes to close that deal this  In any event...they actually got some great responses including folks from "outside" the Active Rain community.  ( actually works!) 
One of the response I got was from a fellow realtor in Leakey, Texas, a little town on the Frio River about an hour from where I live in Boerne, TX.  He recently bought a 59 acre place and saw that his land was covered with a bumper crop of agarita berries.  He had decided … (2 comments)

rural lifestyle realtor: Agarita Jelly--Pain in the Patooty...So Far - 05/28/10 06:34 AM
Being a "rural lifestyle realtor" poses some challenges and even danger at points.  Don't get me wrong...I love the rural lifestyle and the joys and challenges that come with it.  But, when my husband showed me the pea-size agarita berry and told me how "easy" it was to beat the bushes to harvest them...I thought, "What da hay...I'm gonna harvest me some of them agarita berries and make me some jelly!".
I watched him, the night before, bring in a bowl of berries and then step out on our back porch to sit on the porch swing and pick the stems … (7 comments)

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