southland: Log Blog--Long and Winding Roads... - 02/24/10 09:54 AM
My husband and I have been looking for a place to buy in the country...  This past weekend we found the coolest homestead...Rose Ranch...just outside a little town in Texas called Waring.  I would love to tell you all the details about this home...but it was the impromptu drive just past Waring that inspired this blog. 
One of the many reasons I love my husband is his passion for history and his spur-of-the-moment-let's-go-for-a-drive attitude.  That zeal led us past this little homestead to and through the town of Waring...population 73.  In it's hay day it had 300 resident and boasted of a general store, a quarry … (3 comments)

southland: Log Blog--No, no...I insist...thank YOU! - 01/26/10 04:01 AM
I confess...I am a flight-miles-aholic.  I will do anything to add another mile to my account to get a free flight...including eating at places I wouldn't normally go to.  Recently, one of those trips to a new restaurant turned out to be a great decision.  By far, some of the best Tex-Mex food I have had in a long time.
The food and service was so good, I had forgotten that I had accrued miles.  I received my miles summary with an invitation to rate the restaurant.  Normally, I would let that slide due to time constraints...but they lured me to fill … (45 comments)

southland: Log Blog--Bred to Sell? - 01/25/10 01:35 AM

This weekend I had the fortune to go to my very first "stock dog trial" in a little town just north of where I live...Kendalia, TX.  The event took place on the old Noah ranch...a homestead rich with history.   Close to 90 border collies competed by running a course where they would drive a set of five lambs through gates, around a post and then "shed" out two lambs from the group...then would gather and pen them in a matter of nine minutes. 

I was mesmerized by the entire event.  I was even more impressed with the intensity of the dogs waiting in … (2 comments)

southland: Log Blog--No Self Propel in Sales - 01/19/10 04:15 AM
Before the days of "self-propelled" lawn mowers...we actually had to push (meaning use brute force) our lawnmowers.  For some of you "youngins" there was also a lawn mower that didn't have a motor.  I have a one inch horizontal scar on my knee (from when I tripped and fell on our mower) to prove it.  A very vivid mental picture of me pushing our out-dated-two-ton mower up the steep hill in front of our home has crossed my mind several times this past week...actually the entire year of 2009. 
I have recently come to the conclusion that there is no self-propel … (1807 comments)

southland: Log Blog--Rural Lifestyle Living--Best of Show - 01/15/10 04:52 AM
Hannah, my step daughter, is a pro at showing her goats...but for was my first rodeo.  I had a privilege of going to my first stock show this past week where my 16 year old step daughter showed her goats, Curtis and Franklin.  My husband grew up with this kind of it was another day in the country for him.  But for me...I got lost in the whole wonder of it all. 

I have been to rodeos and absolutely loved them...but this was different.  Hannah, along with hundreds of other kids ranging from age 8-18 had spent … (2 comments)

southland: Log Blog--A Legacy Remembered - 01/14/10 04:22 AM

Today marks the 26th anniversary of my Dad's passing away...  It's not a day I always remember...because I choose to celebrate his life rather than his death.  My Dad was a pastor.  No mega notoriety...except for the lives he touched...and there were many.
He started pastoring later in life...but hit the ground running.  He raised six kids and planted dozens of churches throughout the Midwest.  Life was good for us.  We didn't have much...but were oblivious to that fact.  Dad made each day a celebration...he made it fun.  He never seemed to be daunted by any adversity...and there … (5 comments)

southland: Log Blog--Buying a Log Home...Is It Worth the "Wait"? - 01/12/10 02:19 AM
The dream has always been to build a log home...but it's always been that thing you're going to do "when things get a little better".  The money is in the bank...your credit score is good...but there may be a home to sell and you are waiting to see what the market will bring.  You have heard of neighbors scoring the big one by selling at the right time and then turning around and buying at the right time.  Could that work for you?  Is your dream worth the "wait-and-see"...or should you buy now or roll the dice and wait?

Gary … (0 comments)

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