ball ground: Questions I've fielded recently about the banking industry - 02/24/10 07:31 AM

1)  How the heck did banks (especially community banks) get into such a mess in the first place?
• Doesn't every bank have rules in place to limit excessive lending concentration to a particular industry?
•·Was it all about paying big bonuses to the ivory tower folks & top producers, or was it something else?
Clark's opinion: 2007 - 2009 marked a financial "perfect storm" that combined rising unemployment, a higher-than-normal percentage of subprime mortgage defaults, & a slowing economy. Should banks have slowed lending & reined in industry concentration much earlier than they did? Hindsight being 20 / … (0 comments)

ball ground: Mr. Blackwell's Weekly Appalachian American Thesaurus - 04/07/09 02:20 AM
We have plenty of local color in Georgia even when the cherries & crape myrtles aren't blooming. Atlanta comedian Jeff Foxworthy has made his fortune laughing about his Southern upbringing. As an AR service, I've decided to expand on Jeff's offerings by starting an Appalachian American Thesaurus in AR. Knowing how & when to use ya'll or you-uns won't get you far enough. Today's words:
Studdun- verb. Studying, Considering.
Haddinorta- verb/adverb combination/abomination. Should not, Ought not, Often prefacing a double-negative
Neerbout- adjective. Almost, Nearly, Around, Approximately
As in:
"I been studdun 'bout sellin' ma 4 acres in Ball Ground fer $42,500 a … (2 comments)


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