georgia: Questions I've fielded recently about the banking industry - 02/24/10 07:31 AM

1)  How the heck did banks (especially community banks) get into such a mess in the first place?
• Doesn't every bank have rules in place to limit excessive lending concentration to a particular industry?
•·Was it all about paying big bonuses to the ivory tower folks & top producers, or was it something else?
Clark's opinion: 2007 - 2009 marked a financial "perfect storm" that combined rising unemployment, a higher-than-normal percentage of subprime mortgage defaults, & a slowing economy. Should banks have slowed lending & reined in industry concentration much earlier than they did? Hindsight being 20 / … (0 comments)

georgia: If you have minor problems and have the freedom to gripe about 'em, thank a veteran - 06/17/09 08:29 AM
This past Memorial Day weekend I joined my brother and his family for a short road trip to a bluegrass festival & parade held in a little Northeast GA town about 90 minutes away from our home. As a lifelong bluegrass fan and native Georgian, I genuinely looked forward to the event.
The parade kicked off just before noon. It started appropriately with a local singer, poised and freshly polished for belting out a heartfelt rendition of the National Anthem. When the sound system rang the first notes of "Dixie" and it was sung BEFORE the The Star Spangled Banner, even as a native Southerner … (3 comments)

georgia: Mr. Blackwell's Weekly Appalachian-American Thesaurus, Week #3 - 05/06/09 06:16 AM
If you grew up in the deep South, as I did, you're aware of the unique quirks of our native dialect. Mark Twain hit on some of it, Jeff Foxworthy has built a career on it, and the entire cast of Hee Haw continues to celebrate it weekly on RFD TV.
Today's words (quite unintentionally associated with food):
Dinner: noun; The midday meal. Known as "lunch" by everyone outside the rural South.
Supper: noun; The evening meal. Known as "dinner" by everyone outside the rural South, except in biblical times.
Sweetmilk: adjective / noun combination; Whole milk. Cow's milk with no … (3 comments)

georgia: Mr. Blackwell's Weekly Appalachian American Thesaurus - 04/07/09 02:20 AM
We have plenty of local color in Georgia even when the cherries & crape myrtles aren't blooming. Atlanta comedian Jeff Foxworthy has made his fortune laughing about his Southern upbringing. As an AR service, I've decided to expand on Jeff's offerings by starting an Appalachian American Thesaurus in AR. Knowing how & when to use ya'll or you-uns won't get you far enough. Today's words:
Studdun- verb. Studying, Considering.
Haddinorta- verb/adverb combination/abomination. Should not, Ought not, Often prefacing a double-negative
Neerbout- adjective. Almost, Nearly, Around, Approximately
As in:
"I been studdun 'bout sellin' ma 4 acres in Ball Ground fer $42,500 a … (2 comments)

georgia: Sporting event tickets, high-end gifts are NOT an effective trade-off for superior service - 04/03/09 08:39 AM
I have no statistical basis for this, but as you know by now, I'm never reluctant to pass along my un-varnished opinion.
In my 21 years as a Georgia community banker, I've learned that the people & companies who truly succeed are those who provide consistently superior service by sweating the small details. Those who either can't or won't do what's right always resort to 'purchasing' customer loyalty with expensive gifts. It's the same as the non-custodial parent who's compelled to buy big-ticket toys for the child they lost custody of. In the end, you can buy neither love nor loyalty.
Relatively … (2 comments)

georgia: Mr. Potter has scooped Uncle Billy's cash off the floor, 21st Century Version - 04/03/09 03:04 AM
All over "Corporate America", Mr. Potter has deftly scooped up the cash that absentminded Uncle Billy was supposed to deposit, hid it under his lap blanket, and silently motioned his lackey to wheel him away from the bank lobby. 
But there's a fundamental difference between Corporate America and Bailey's Building & Loan.  Mr. Potter's not the sour-faced, cold-hearted, arch enemy. He's sitting at the vast desk in the swanky corner office on the top floor of corporate headquarters, and, by the way, we're all supposed to feel sorry for him.

georgia: Relocating your business? Don't rule out the state of Georgia - 03/31/09 02:41 AM
Considering relocating your business? Prospects for continued success in the current
economy getting you down? Don't take Atlanta off your short list just yet. In fact,
you may want to move it to the top. The state of Georgia is proposing business-
friendly legislation geared toward making Georgia the same oasis of business-
friendliness in the USA that Ireland's "Celtic Tiger" is in Europe.
ATLANTA - Governor Sonny Perdue announced that House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Larry O'Neal has introduced a legislative package that will position Georgia as a more aggressive competitor for economic development projects that grow jobs and … (0 comments)

georgia: The sequel: All that stuff you learned in school? You may need it after all. - 03/26/09 09:25 AM
Recently I teamed up - more than a little reluctantly - with a co-worker to participate in a Career Fair at my daughter's middle (junior high) school. All of us had been thoroughly briefed by the local Chamber of Commerce about what questions to expect, how to take charge of the class, etc. Three "veteran" career fair speakers gave testimonials about their previous experiences. The common thread was, "Be prepared for the question, 'How much money do you make?'".
I prepared by getting together two stacks of Monopoly $500's & $100's and all nine stock certificates from the game of Life. My plan for … (0 comments)


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