networking: There's only one way to eat an elephant - 03/09/09 03:51 AM
This past Friday I celebrated that preliminary victory we all know well: the first call from someone you met through a specific networking strategy. Though that first call is usually nothing more than "tire kicking" on the part of the prospect, one of my mentors taught me to consider each step in the sales process to be an installment to success.
Friday's call was a result of attending a Chamber of Commerce groundbreaking ceremony about a month ago. I wasn't one of the people in an ill-fitting hardhat holding a spray-painted golden shovel for the cameras. I was happily and discreetly networking … (2 comments)

networking: Reputation Degeneration by Continuation of Association - 03/04/09 08:29 AM
In the last 12 months I've accepted several invitations to attend "live" networking groups. In the case of two of the meetings, my impression of the group itself was negative enough that I chose not to attend a 2nd time. In both cases, my negative opinion came about because the person who led the meeting was selling the equivalent of snake oil. One meeting is particularly memorable because the "president" touted his investment company which guaranteed double-digit returns. 
Was I networking with Bernie Madoff or with "Sir" Stanford, the subsequent "Ponzi-du-jour"? No, but the same principle applies. Legitimate financial advisors are taught to never, ever make … (5 comments)

networking: Not a bad Monday at all! - 03/02/09 08:21 AM
As a result of diligent networking, today I met with a prospective customer at his place of business. The prospect's reason for mentioning to our mutual friend that he was looking for a new banker was threefold: 1) The desire to do business with a bank where he feels as if he has "a banker", instead of one at which he's just another number; 2) Uncertainty with how his present bank will emerge from a recent acquisition; 3) A preference to boost cash flow by reducing the monthly installment on his owner-occupied commercial real estate, based on the probability that an overall rebound … (3 comments)

networking: Who's succeeding right now? Try Chiropractors, Ink-Cartridge Recyclers, & Disaster Recovery Specialists - 02/17/09 06:01 AM
While it's not the greatest time to be a real estate lender, I'm encountering bright spots during my "non-virtual" (face-to-face) social networking, Last Monday was the monthly meeting of the Woodstock Community Business Association. The chiropractor who started the group made numerous comments about how busy his practice has become.  While it's entirely possible that the bone doc was simply being positive for the benefit of the rest of us who were there because our fiscal survival depends on cultivating referrals, I got the impression that he really is as busy as a one-armed paper hanger.
Another social networking group has given me the chance to … (4 comments)

networking: Swings n' Roundabouts? - 02/12/09 04:55 AM
In my opinion, one of the most interesting parts of any job that involves dealing directly with the public is the chance to pick up on figures of speech you may not have heard before.
Yesterday I met with a customer who's proving to be a great referral source, For privacy purposes, we'll call her Kate. Kate grew up in Belfast (Northern), Ireland and continued to live in Belfast until completing her MBA at Belfast University.
Kate's an attractive, energetic, personable, strong-minded, well-educated entrepreneur. She presently runs a Business Coaching service and works with several clients as CFO-for-hire. In the 22 years since … (4 comments)


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