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Vancouver WA Real Estate and Home Ownership information and news. Homes for Sale in Vancouver WA, Luxury Home Brokers. Condo Broker, Relocation to and from Vancouver Washington and Camas WA. Clark County Economic information.
  "A beaver does not, as legend would have it, know which direction the tree will fall when he cuts it, but counts on alacrity to make up for lack of engineering expertise."Ann Zwinger PS - 2021's real estate market action in Vancouver WA is "hot"  If you ace planning on Selling or, just want to ...
Closed Unit-Sales Rebound Strongly; With Sales Prices Blasting Skyward to another New High for Camas WA Real Estate in February 2021 Unit Sales have jumped up a month or two early from what we typically see, although we also know this number has been constrained by the relatively extremely low I...
Unit-Sales Slump while Prices Edge-up but stop just below their Recent All-Time High for Battle Ground WA Real Estate in February 2021 Extreme lack of Active Inventory (now at 0.5 Month's worth of Supply) constrains unit-sales in the early months of 2021. Sales prices have been in a narrow range...
Strong Unit Sales Continue Last Year while Sales Prices Skyrocket for Vancouver WA Condos in February 2021. Continued extremely low level of Active Inventory combined with strong demand has blown the lid off of prices this month. Sale Prices, as we'll show below, shot up on a trajectory like a s...
Strong Unit Sales Combined with Super-Low Inventory Moves Prices Upward for Vancouver WA in February 2021. With Strong Demand taking most every listing available, we start the year for Real estate in Vancouver WA with unseasonably strong unit-sales and prices hitting another new high. I Mortgage...
Closed Unit-Home-Sales Easing for the Season; While Sales Prices Popped Another New High for Camas WA in January 2021 Now in the middle of the Winter Season, we have a typical a decrease in the number of Homes Sold; yet, the lack of Active Inventory, resale Home Sales Prices have posted another ...
Unit-Home-Sales Remain Strong with Home-Sales-Prices Remain High for Battle Ground WA in January 2021 Pending Sales fell from last month while New Listings held steady with Closed Sales lower. Prices remained near their all-time high, at the time of year when we typically see a modest decline. H...
 Unit Sales As Strong as Last Year with Sales Prices Resuming their Upward Move for Vancouver WA Condos in January 2021. Despite the very low level of Active Inventory, we see 1 more sale for this month compared to last year. Sale Prices have moved upwards again but, only slightly below their re...
Home Sales Prices hovered near their All-time High; while Unit-Home-Sales posted very strong results for Vancouver WA in January 2021. Homes for Sale in Vancouver WA is clearly still in a strong Seller's Market, with this month's numbers coming very strong this time of year. Active Inventory is ...
Closed Unit Sales up over 10%; with Sales Prices Blasting to another New High for real estate in Camas WA, December 2020 While gently "slowing" month-by-month for unit sales, the Camas real estate market has been extremely strong on a relative basis, causing prices to blast skyward. Extreme shor...


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