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Just recieved this information from one of my mortgage brokers.  Found it to be what I had expected, in that, most prospective clients have indicated they are not sure they would be able to qualify for financing. Until those who are interested check with a mortgage professional, they will be pass...
Earth to Washington: "We Have a Problem"    I read yesterday in a Bloomberg report, the financial institutions could have up to $1 Trillion in write-downs in the near future. Do you realize how much that represents? If you expect the taxpayer to bail these institutions out, how may years will it...
Southern Idaho is turning the corner in the area of alternative energy production as will be shown below. As in other parts of the West, growth is stretching the current electrical and fossil fuel requirements. The Idaho State Legislature passed the Energy Policy Act of 2005 which is starting to ...
Our market analysis for the Southern Idaho Real Estate Market through September of 2007 has been completed. As anticipated Southern Idaho real estate market is much more stable than other parts of the country which experienced such high appreciation during the past years. You will note on the lin...
As a Realtor® with a background in market analysis for a large corporation, I find the Southern Idaho real estate market very intriguing. The influx of out-of-State buyers has caused the price of homes to appreciate substantially over the past 6 to 7 years and the farming market has really taken ...

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