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You want to sell your house and have exotic pets. In some instances just a minor blip. Others times you may create a huge distraction. Exotic pets are an acquired taste. Many potential buyers may not share your enthusiasm. One case here in Charlotte NC I remember the owners had a 6 ft. Burmese Py...
So who is qualified to borrow? You're self employed and have a decent credit score. You had a good year in 2007 and a modest year in 2008. But because you are not a salaried employee, there are more issues than ever to  overcome. Your specific industry is evaluated for risk purposes. Here in Char...
The local TV stations have switched to digital (except one). The move has not caused Y2k like repercussions. I would not have been affected as I subscribe to Time Warner Cable. So if you are moving to Charlotte, your ancient TV will have issues unless you convert. If you don't have a converter, d...
It's almost Taboo to talk about it here in Charlotte NC. The Bank that gave us Tiger Woods in living color, growth, and endless possibilities, was absorbed by Wells Fargo. The little fish ate the bigger fish. Strange times at Ridgemont High turned fast. Civic philanthropy is choking based on this...
Alarm Systems. Don't you love them. Especially when the code is relayed poorly to the showing service. Every time I am told that the alarm is set for a house I'm going to show, I cringe. I ask the showing service to repeat the arm/disarm instructions twice. Most of the time its not a problem. I'm...
This topic runs the gauntlet. How many people have found themselves in a relationship that they were unprepared? Some people walk blindly into relationships, many times suffering consequences. Whew....This happens a lot, and applies to all our interrelationships. If we were always prepared, lawye...
The late George Carlin had a routine on this subject. It was pretty funny. So how much "suff" do you need. No, not how much suff do you have much of it do you need? You never know how much stuff you have, until you have to move it. I have been on countless listing appointments in which I wa...
We couldn't get away with what Congress just passed. Good intentions or not, you have to read what you represent. I imagine my license would be in jeopardy, if I intentionally did not read the contract, while representing my clients. Try explaining that to your E&O. Congress just got away with it...
Know the Beatles song? "Will you still be sending me a valentine, birthday greetings , bottle of wine?" Today's notion that all things electronic are best not always best. The essence of AR is to connect electronically. I like that added extension of my interaction. But some things still ne...
Nothing like itching and moaning. Except we're all doing it. "How's your business? " "Awesome, we're eat up" "Hand over fist land office business"... and your's...? "Plumb, can't beat 'em off with a stick". Yep, the order takin' is over and gosh dern it, we have work for a livin'. Bravado aside, ...

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