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Chewing on a hard candy listing truely is very hard on the teeth and pocket book. In Louisiana, they say F'sure ! What’s a hard candy listing?  Hard candy listings are overpriced from the get-go. If you take a listing from a seller that wants to play the market, at a price that will not work (eve...
If you have a naughty mind and thought something else, you are going to be sorely disappointed. Gotcha ! You were tricked ! My wife’s trick is that she cooks a wonderful meal, after decorating the house front masterfully, to attract jubilant revelers. She does it gleefully, without fail, every ye...
This Post made me Laugh. Hope it makes you smile as well. I swear the truth in this is very funny The other day a friend sent us a wonderful story of a challenged senior.  What is funny is that I don't think this story just applies to senior citizens!   I think there are many of us out there who ...
Pop goes the weasel. We have experienced our fair share of short sales that continually result in a surprise. I am reminded that no matter how much I expect the weasel of the short sale to pop out, I somehow am incredulously taken back each time. After all this time you would think some banks wou...
I remember the rush to get to a certain age. The stretch to say you were fifteen and a half years old, yearning reach to the magic age of sixteen, and to proceed with driving and other worldly matters. I remember the rush to end High School and College. And the rush to conquer the corporate world...
Even the famous Ballantyne Bulls were getting ready for the event. Local door stoops are getting Spruced up for little goblins and ghosts preparing the annual ritual of begging for candy. I really don't know why this is a national candy night. Maybe the candy manufacturers have a part in this. O...
Eventually, after your arm is twisted enough you will scream Uncle. What happened in your past and recent present will linger into today. So here is the Question:  When is it time to say Uncle in this market if you are a seller. NEVER. Predators in the investment market are lurking, waiting for y...
Easy Trigger, we still have miles to go before we sleep on this one. We are still missing important links to a popped bottle of bubbly. Here is why I’m throwing a little rain on your parade. You went for an aggressive loan package based on your credit. Just because you can afford the payments doe...
Charlotte NC Best Practices Require Everybody to be on their Best Behavior... Note :  How Not to Contact the Swine (H1N1) Flu When Dancing Through Homes..... Tales of the soon to be afflicted. Remember your hand sanitizer. Use it often. Wash your hands, again and again. Keep your hands away from ...
So you are getting an FHA loan w/3.5% down. Excellent ! Do you have the extra money to close? Closing costs should not ever be unmentioned nor glossed over. Fortunately, you hired a licensed Realtor® …didn’t you? Wait a minute... You were tying to save money and listened to friends and family and...

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