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So, as I Turned on the TV tonight the Grinch dominated the airwaves. I have known my share of grinches and bumfuggling whambos. Perhaps we are becoming Whoville. We're here to protect the little Cindy-Lou's out there. Who are we? We are messengers of the reality show we all live. Good news and ba...
I spent my Thanksgiving at my brother's place in a sleepy town north of Charleston, S.C. called McClellanville. It's about a 4 hour ride from my home in Charlotte (or should I say... 1 stop for BBQ and one for gas... Bessingers BBQ kicks my grits on Q ) When we arrived I was greeted by my brother...
So I Say .... Grasshopper snach this Charlotte home from my hand You are qualified, able, and ready. And yet you wait. So grasshopper, when do you time your move. I would say sun.moon.stars. GO! If you are able and ready to buy a house, I can give you a solid piece of forward momentum. Find a dea...
This has to be one of the wildest turkey stories I have ever read. Absolutely amazingWhere I live in Hamburg, Sussex County NJ, we rarely go a day without seeing a wild turkey. This morning - the day before Thanksgiving - Chip made an early morning dash to the supermarket while I answered real es...
Here in Charlotte, we are in the land of the Chicken, and the home of the Bojangles(r)... extra crispy matters. But to what measure? Who said fried food is bad for you? And who said bigger isn't better. Jumbo size me ! Buying big was everything. I’ve been told (and have been marketed) for years ...
Yes it does and generally it is a sad one. It's the barker on the courthouse steps. And the whimper from the owner(s) as the leave they property. It's the sigh emitted from the neighbors when they find out. Or the questions from the children. It's the sound of the times. It's also a sigh from me...
In Charlotte, they have everything...including old people...some even as old as me. Who knew ? So if you are over 50 and are still looking for the fountain of youth...Look no further. Call Charlotte, Viagraville with a twist. Charlotte has a youthful attitude. Race cars, Pro basketball, NFL Footb...
Be Aware that the next call may be Amazing. I am so sure that it can happen to you, because it has happened to me, amazingly more than once. I'm just a regular guy in a highly irregular business.This is not a real estate post. It is persistence post with a positive twist. Want something ?... You ...
There is a point that when you decide to sell your house, prior to contacting a Realtor ®, that you are pluming like a peacock on the assumed value of your home. You invite a Realtor ® into your house and question this person on their ability and means. You are returned a CMA (comparative market...
  Matt is on to something and I really think his posts have weight. Here is to Matt's push   photo courtesy of nodomain1 I love blogging. You may have noticed before, but it's a fact, I love to blog about real estate.  It's good for my business, but I actually find it enjoyable too.  In that vein...

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