activerain: Yes we can ! Push the buttons and strike the keys - 02/22/11 02:30 PM
Can you ? Yes you can ! You can be number one on Google. Where ?
On any Hyper-local site you want.
How do you start here and venture forward out  ?
Push the buttons and strike the keys.
Stuff happens and the folks pipe in.
They care or don't,  but if you push a point...points will be given. And People will read.
.......On your own range. Home on the range. Push your local neighborhood home site.

activerain: I've fallen and I can't get up - 03/23/09 09:14 AM
Not that I need to. 

I have just purchased the clapper. So when I want business to pick up or slow down I just clap on.. or clap off. I have been applauding my efforts as of late.
My modified version of the clapper is enhanced with Active Rain. So when I want people to find me or hear about things Charlotte, I just clap the keys on my keyboard and... Voila.
Now when I started in January, my skills on using my new tool were (Shall we say) pathetic.
I just reread my first post and came away frightened … (21 comments)

activerain: So my question: Who is liable when things go wrong at an open house ? - 02/01/09 07:32 AM
Liability = Open House.
It's a very rare occurrence that I hold an open house for my clients.
Mostly I think they are a poor use of time..namely mine. Add to this the liability factor.
We have had little success capturing buyers over the years when performing open houses. Mainly this was done to placate a stressed seller. Typically, it's the neighbors who come by to ogle the sellers home.
I prefer potential buyers personally escourted by a licenced agent while viewing my seller's house.
Yes, I have heard agents righteously clamoring that Open Houses = Sales. I must be the … (25 comments)

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