charlotte nc buyer agency: Why Chicken Little was Right.... The Sky Fell - 06/30/09 11:25 AM
When Real Estate prices were rising at incredible rates in the past market, many people considered that property values were on par with “the sky is the limit”
Fortunately for today’s buyers the sky has fallen. Sellers have my condolences.
So technically Chicken Little was right concerning Real Estate. Or was She???
Markets are generally cyclically based. So if the sky falls, it eventually rises.
Just like the sun and the moon.
So how do you time the market to make your best move? You don’t, but Now is a terrific time to buy.
Most people buy homes because they have … (13 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: A Chicken in Every Pot - 05/11/09 07:25 AM

How often do we hear the bodacious claims of over reaching promises.
Politicians are particularly fond of this.
It's not a new practice and certainly will continue long after we're all gone.
This past weekend I was driving buyers as we passed a new community with giant signs claiming Homes from $180k. My clients were curious and asked why we were not looking at those homes. I tried to explain that although these homes were at the top of their price range Finding a home priced at $180k would be slim to none.
To satisfy their curiosity and bolster their … (4 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: Just a Note About The Good Deal my Ex-Clients Didn't Get - 04/27/09 10:05 AM
So going commando without me as your Buyer agent got you a better deal ? Well Good for you.
How do you know , and what did you know, that led to this revelation?
Did the seller Promise not to screw you? (wink) and Did you arm yourself with the latest poop from Zillow?
If you did, it seems obvious you got the best deal. Glad to hear there were no emotions involved.
Sorry it didn't appraise to the contract price. Nice to know that minor detail can be worked out. I'm sure your mortgage guy will fix this because the … (8 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: Monday Morning Ice Cream - 04/27/09 04:47 AM
I scream for ice cream. Such a wonderful fun food.
Rolling through Charlotte neighborhoods while showing late yesterday, the ice cream truck pulled up to two eagerly bouncing 6 year olds, fist clenched with means to get the ice cream. I paused and smiled.
The image of those excited little kids allowed my mind to roll back to cherished times, when my children jumped to the musical madness of the ice cream truck. And again further back when I experienced my first Eskimo pie.
I am propelled in some fashion by the excitement of pending expectations. Never knowing but hoping … (8 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: Chewing the Cud of Buyers Remorse - 04/22/09 08:54 AM
So we're under contract and everything is going just as planned.
Lender Larry is on top of things and closing looks to be a walk in the park.
Then out of nowhere, the buyers get the blues, and worry warts start to appear.
How did this happen? They were all excited just a week ago.
Rooting around for the source of the remorse, I find the planted seed.
In their exuberance to spread the word they found a Curmudgeon.
Some people like to poop on other people's parade.
Seems that an expert relative gave darth warnings about buying a home and … (52 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: Free advise ....coming to an Ear near you - 04/20/09 08:51 AM
If you want advise on buying a home, you won't have to go far. There is a ton of free advise. Its everywhere. Unfortunately some of it may not prove to be very valuable.
There are people who have read about buying a home, and other theorists, that are quick to pipe in.
Then, there are the well intentioned friends who bought a home a couple of years ago, eager to tell you what to do.
Of course we know family members always know best, although they may live in another state.
There is a reason why we hear this phrase … (12 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: My house took a pill ... and now it's not worth the inflated tax bill. - 04/20/09 02:38 AM
The Appraised Value of the home is less than the Tax value....rats
This can be a really is a hard pill to swallow.
This unfortunately common experience is replicating everywhere with the advent of declining market values combined with REO and short sales.
May I suggest another pill...A trip to the tax assessors office, armed with your "New" data.
The "science" of taxing your house is based on a formula derived (at least here in Charlotte) on the value of your house. Taxes on homes (just as value) have gone up over the years. So when a market correction happens, and … (7 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: The Unexposed Reason Your Property Isn't Selling - 04/17/09 10:38 AM
When I see homes listed in the MLS that have 1 picture or NO pictures, it tells me a lot about the property.
This type of communication also indicates one of the following:

The listing agent was embarrassed they took the listing  Digital cameras are too hard for this person They are saving the listing for themselves The property is so bad it would be like putting lipstick on a pig The listing agent has never been to this property The property may have just gone on the market and photos will be coming shortly (DOM 3)  If I see … (26 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: Alas... there is Hope - 04/11/09 01:42 PM
(No politics intended) There is always Hope. It's just a little watered down for many. 
Here in Charlotte hope springs anew. Alas, people are buying homes again. Not at the pace of old, but they are buying.
Signed contracts, accepted, and pushed through closing...juice for the agent.... Relief for our clients.
I must be a low expectation Broker,  But I cheer all closings.
I have no reservations for cheers. Neither do my clients.
So as we have more water running through our pipes for now , I am grateful for what I have.
This gratefulness is extended to all who read … (12 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: Sometimes you have to Go For It : Masters tips for the Tiger in You. - 04/09/09 09:25 AM
It's Masters week at Augusta again, and I started thinking in golf lingo.
Should I lay up and hope I can get up and down for par, or Should I go for it ? What do I have to lose?
Ever see the movie "Tin Cup".  Kevin Costner's character went for it, and yes he lost the tournament, but in the long run he was the real winner because he went for it.
Unless I have everything to lose if I fail, (which is foolish gambling), I know my abilities and I'm going to go for it.
Risk vs Reward. Is … (10 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: Charlotte N.C. area based Family Dollar Profits up 33% - 04/08/09 11:51 AM
Are shoppers changing their habits? Just ask Matthews, N.C. based Family Dollar how's business? -
UP 33% !
Now I know Wal-Mart, and many other discounters are seeing profits rise due to the present economic trends.
I am here to say that we in the Charlotte area have a real winner of an employer in Family Dollar. We'll take good news when we can get it and this is good news.
Started here in Charlotte and still owned by the Levine family, this is a company, that has been constant over the decades, has stores everywhere. They employ thousands of wonderful … (0 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: How do you accept the word "NO" ? - 04/07/09 01:15 PM
Does it rattle you, or zap your mojo?
I receive much more NO's than I do Yes's. You Bet. How does it affect me? Like water on a duck's back.
I am not an unfeeling bore with skin thicker than Kevlar. I just understand this is part of the business.
If you have a low tollerance for the word "NO". Maybe the present market is not what you ordered. I remember when it felt like we took orders. It was pretty fun. You could develop bad habits and still somehow succeed.
Look, I feel this market. I'm not a coach. I'm … (61 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: Buying a Charlotte Opportunity and Helping Yourself at the Same Time - 04/05/09 08:42 AM
Times are tough. Rent seems harder to pay and the tax man keeps eating your lunch.

Fortunately, you have the anticipation of your tax rebate coming. But getting ahead seems unattainable for now.
This tale may be too familiar to many.
But one thing that can help forward momentum, is for you to stop the tax man from eating your lunch.
Mortgage interest deduction is a key part.
Not only can you deduct all of your mortgage interest, But now you can get an additional TAX CREDIT of $8,000.
This is truly a significant way to begin your road  … (1 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: Revenge of the Fleas - 04/04/09 07:57 AM
They had pets. Note to self: Remind sellers to Bug bomb their house after moving out.

Based on The Charlotte MLS(tm) data, the house had been vacant for quite a few weeks. Fresh meat walked into the house as I began showing my clients.
Unknowingly, the little buggers were there and lastly hungry.
Conversation ran positive on the layout and good vibes were being emitted from my clients.
Then the little dinks from the happy crowd below began to occur.
Positive turned quickly to negative.
We had entered into a flea circus.
Needless to say it was time to exit … (9 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: Charlotte is ripe (and Right) for the pickin' - 04/03/09 02:38 PM
Home prices here are near or at the bottom. And they are ripe for the picking.

Investors are snatching up bargains here in Charlotte as they fall from the tree. They are happening in your town too. Why let investors have all the goodies.
All areas here have bargains to be found. From Lake Norman to Lake Wylie, Huntersville to Ballantyne, and Fort Mill to Matthews. Additionally the Uptown and NODA bargains are increasingly available. So you want a Myers Park Bargain? Well they are here too. But a couple of secrets...
You need a PRE-AUTHORIZATION not a "pre qualification" … (5 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: There is some Monopoly Money out there for the taking. - 04/03/09 08:14 AM
Look I don't really know where this money is coming from, For sure taxpayers. But who cares ?

Even if its monopoly money, it spends like greenbacks and it's available in a credit for first time home buyers.
So anyone , Anywhere, and hopefully here in Charlotte, who is thinking of buying a home for the first time, Get it now so you can get your FREE money. It's $8,000. It's available in the form of a credit toward your tax liability.
The stipulations are pretty straight foward. If you are single and make less than $75K you get $8K. … (6 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: When you Win.....Tales from the Winner - 04/02/09 11:31 AM
You win when you choose a solid agent to represent you.
You win because with your new found protagonist, you will have a better footing concerning caveat emptor ( buyer beware).
Your agency keeps your interests at front (not the rear).
You win because you are represented by a professional. Not a friend or family member's advice (unless they are a Realtor).
But you mainly win because you made a conscience decision that you would not do this alone.
Face it, without professional representation you risk more than you know.
Here in Charlotte , as in all cities and towns, great … (1 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: Scattered Pictures ...The pursuit of Art - 03/30/09 05:05 AM
After years of experimenting, without critical acclaim, I have given up on deciding picture placement in our house.
I have a scientific approach. Hers is artistic.
Mine is somewhat mathematical requiring a measuring tape, a level, and a pencil.
Hers is all eye and study with mumblings of Balance.
My empathy to all who are, or have been involved, in the picture hanging process.
I know my exposure to this process here in Charlotte, N.C. is not unique.
See, the beauty of my wife's method is that I get to hold the pictures (for long periods of time),
Until it's "just … (9 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: Priceless Charlotte Homes - 03/29/09 08:39 AM
Priceless Homes in Charlotte indeed. They're everywhere ! I was on one of my missions yesterday and found quite a few homes were in the priceless category. Many were priced less than they were just a few months ago. And a couple were in need of a lesser price. Many of these priceless gems were great deals. Hope they last until my buyers arrive next weekend.
Never have I seen a better market for Buyers. So, I am dedicating this post to all buyers out there waiting to time this market.
   It's TIME.   Time to scoop up these gems … (4 comments)

charlotte nc buyer agency: I had an odd notion that Elvis was in the building - 03/24/09 12:34 PM
Well they looked like royalty. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches aside.

 They strolled through the place, talking of renovating the mansion. I asked if they were interested..... They gave "the nod".
And when they exited the building they said they wanted to think about it.
My mind raced. The mansion was at hand. My Elvis lip started to quiver.
The next day they came back with a 30% off list price offer saying they were firm. No logic would dissuade them.
The lead balloon sent to the the sellers bounced off the front door. Impasse with no flexibility. But … (21 comments)

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