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A new study came out this month which shows that a home's "walkability" can have a profound effect on its value.   The report, "Walking the Walk: How Walkability Raises Housing Values in U. S. Cities" by Joseph Cortright, was comprised of 94,000 real estate transactions in 15 major markets.  In t...
New numbers reported by the Warren Group shows the number of single-family homes in Massachusetts sold in July jumped nearly 12 percent compared to the same time last year.  This was the first time since December 2008 that home sales have increased year-over-year.   These figures are unusual in M...
It's pretty standard knowledge that all local real estate markets are different.  Why, then, would it make sense for appraisals to be conducted by out-of-the-area appraisers who lack any knowledge of the area that the property is in?  Recent changes in the appraisal code have been making this pra...
Pulte Homes is gambling on this possibility with its new marketing strategy.    When I work with clients in Metrowest Massachusetts and the Greater Boston Area to help them search for new construction, the criteria is usually based on location, price, style and, of course, the builder must have a...
As first-time home buyers in Massachusetts race against the clock to take advantage of the current $8,000 tax incentive, some of our Senators are racing to get the bill renewed.   Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been working on the bill and he says he expects Congress to extend it into the ...
Toll Brothers, best known for its super-sized homes, and available in a number of Massachusetts communities, surprised the market recently with a 44% surge in orders from its second quarter.  It was their first quarterly increase in signed contracts in four years.  This is all happening at a time...
The idea of home ownership as "The American Dream" has been packaged and promoted by the government for as long as I can remember.    In a major shift away from this thinking, the current administration has just announced plans to inject $4.25 billion of economic stimulus money into subsidized re...
According to a recent report by the U. S. Census Bureau, homes are now 7% smaller or, equivalent to an average size room smaller.  The median square footage of new homes fell to 2,065 square feet in the first three months of this year.   Are we losing our love-affair with McMansions?   The number...
In real estate there is a concept called "chain of title."  X sells to Y, Y to Z, and so on.  By the time you arrive at your closing, a title examiner will have performed a title search which will include all documents involved in the chain-of-title.  This is also done to uncover any tax liens, j...
Despite some of the optimism that has been generated from an increase in home sales recently, in Massachusetts and nationally, an epidemic of upside down mortgages is casting a long shadow on the housing market.   According to 25% of all mortgage holders are currently under water, owin...

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