mcmansions: Are McMansions Returning to the Housing Market? - 07/07/13 10:11 PM
Are McMansions  Returning to the Housing Market?
Prior to the housing boom we were experiencing a definite upsurge in the size and stateliness of homes in the U. S.  The modest ranch, split level and even capes were being outpaced by larger homes with significantly more square footage.
Once the crash hit us in 2009 builders began to pare down home sizes.  During that eventful year, the median home size dropped to 2,135 square feet bringing it close to the levels of 2003.  When that occurred, many thought that the days of the McMansion were at an end. … (1 comments)

mcmansions: Are McMansions on Their Way Out? - 07/09/10 08:30 AM
Are McMansions on Their Way Out? 
A recent article in the Wall Street Journal discussed the fact that "America's love affair with McMansions continues to wane."  However, it is not exactly clear whether this trend is due to a lack of love or if it is just in line with our current economic situation. 
For the past three decades home sizes have continuously increased.  However, they began to fall flat in 2008 to an average of 2,521 square feet and actually started to decline in 2009.  
Certainly, a larger home is tougher on the pocketbook when it comes to heating and cooling. And, the tax man cometh … (22 comments)

mcmansions: Sales are up at Luxury Home Builder - Massachusetts Blog - 08/18/09 03:05 PM
Toll Brothers, best known for its super-sized homes, and available in a number of Massachusetts communities, surprised the market recently with a 44% surge in orders from its second quarter.  It was their first quarterly increase in signed contracts in four years. 
This is all happening at a time when builders have been working on plans to shrink and downsize homes based on their perception that the market has changed.  According to the Census Bureau, the average size of new detached single-family homes sold in the U.S. has declined over the past year.  
"Buyers are more conservative and careful than they were during … (1 comments)

mcmansions: Is The American Home Getting Smaller? - Massachusetts Blog - 08/17/09 03:59 AM
According to a recent report by the U. S. Census Bureau, homes are now 7% smaller or, equivalent to an average size room smaller.  The median square footage of new homes fell to 2,065 square feet in the first three months of this year.  
Are we losing our love-affair with McMansions?  
The numbers seem to be pointing in that direction in Massachusetts and the rest of the country.  For the first time since 1994 the size of the average home has seen a decline.  
In her book, "The Not So Big House" Sarah Susanka has stated, "A new ethic is arising … (9 comments)

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