buyers: Learning how to blink.... - 05/31/14 07:22 AM
I knew I would enjoy working with these new buyers after the first email exchange.

In the book Blink, it illustrates how we think without thinking and delves into the reasons why some people are able to make quick and decisive decisions while others seem incapable of making a decision about anything. While the book deals mostly with face to face communication, I believe you can tell a lot about a person from their electronic communication too. It's a good read and a theory that any Realtor can appreciate. In this job we have to be able to size people … (0 comments)

buyers: Mr. Banker, You've Gone Too Far! - 04/25/14 02:02 AM
Nothing makes me happier than when a sale includes two cooperating sides. All too often, one side or the other just makes things harder than they need to be. But when both sides are happy, cooperating, and communicating, well, it's just magic.
So it was with a recent deal between our buyer and another agent's seller. Everything was going along just perfectly. We were even feeling the love with the attorney, something that doesn't always happen.
We were all happy campers and you could almost hear Kumbaya in the background. That is, until the lender entered the picture, throwing cold water … (0 comments)

buyers: Being a no-show is still a no-no. - 01/25/13 10:51 PM
I've written enough and read enough about the chronic misuse of a Realtor's time to know that it's a problem for a lot of us in this business but I still don't understand it. I don't think I will ever understand why people think it's ok to not practice the same courtesy with their Realtor that they would any other professional. The same person who would be outraged with the electrician who is a no-show doesn't think twice about doing the same thing to their Realtor. The same person who grouses because their doctor is running 15 minutes late for their … (3 comments)

buyers: It's Tough being Tough - 11/02/10 08:42 AM
Despite the age old axiom that says we should focus our time and energy on listings, most agents I know would gladly trade two sellers for one good buyer these days. So firing a buyer, any buyer, seems counterintuitive in many ways. But that's exactly what we have had to do twice in the last 45 days. They both had completely unrealistic expectations for our market and what to expect in their price range. One in particular also had no respect for our knowledge or our time. A double whammy in my 'how to fire a client' book!
The internet has … (0 comments)

buyers: Things are popping here in the mountains - 03/25/09 06:38 AM
During the winter months here in the mountains of western North Carolina, buyers and bears hibernate. In fact, up around where we live, after Thanksgiving you probably stand a better chance of seeing a bear than you do a buyer. This year, because of the slow down in the economy it was even quieter than usual.
We used the time to work on our business and it has payed off in spades. Like any business, you have to plant the seeds of success, then give them what they need in order to grow big and strong. So we worked on our … (0 comments)

buyers: Home for Sale near Brevard, NC - 21 Cherry Ridge - 03/02/09 06:12 AM

Live near Brevard, North Carolina for only $218,000!
This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home at 21 Cherry Ridge Rd is located in the quiet, wooded community of Knob Creek, only minutes from Brevard, North Carolina. If you're looking for home in the woods with workshop space, this is for you. You'll find one workshop in the oversized garage, and another heated workshop on the lower level. Inside the home is bonus space that's not included in the square footage, but it's perfect for a home office, hobby room, or play room for the kids.
One level living • open floor … (2 comments)

buyers: " is the market in Brevard?" - 03/02/09 06:00 AM

If there is one question that we are asked more than any other these days, it's "How's the market in Brevard."
The easy answer is " better than some, worse than others." But for a truer picture, here are the numbers so far this year. In Transylvania County, the average selling price for homes is $254,800 with an average of 195 days on the market. While the average listing and selling prices have not changed dramatically from this time last year, fewer properties have sold (23 in 2009 compared to 35 in 2008) and they are staying on the market … (0 comments)

buyers: Nice People Rock! - 01/14/09 04:20 AM
We all have horror stories about difficult people in our lives, don't we. Well, this isn't one of them. This is about the kind of clients who makes this crazy business worthwhile and restore my faith in humankind.
We have been working with these folks for a while now. They live out of state and have property they need to sell before they can relocate here, but every time they come up, we get together and show them what's new in our market. As client's they're great to work with and when they finally get moved here, I suspect our working … (1 comments)

buyers: It's 9:00PM. Do you know where your buyers are? - 07/09/08 02:17 PM
If you have all the buyers you could possibly want, you can stop reading. This is for Realtors like us who are wondering where all the buyers are and how do we reach them.
Technology has changed everything...especially the way we do business today. Buyers are far more educated as consumers and we can't for a second assume that they aren't. Whenever I am working with a buyer and they walk through a home saying things like "This is a great space. I love how this room relates to the rest of the space" I'll bet you dollars to donuts that … (5 comments)

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