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 Build Your Team of Experts before You Start Home Shopping No matter when you purchase a home or whether this is your first home or your fiftieth, having the right team on your side can make all the difference in the world. If you're buying your fiftieth house, chances are you've found the perfec...
Expenses You May Not Have Considered When Owning a Home You're ready to start looking for your new home, but are you really ready? Even if you have enough tucked away for a 20 percent down payment on the type of home you want and can afford the actual mortgage payment, you may not be ready for al...
Are You Really Ready to Make an Offer If you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to financing, such as a preapproved loan and adequate funds for closing costs that doesn't mean you're necessarily ready to make an offer unless you've done some other research. Too often people find what they...
What Are and Who Pays the Cost of Closing You've saved up your down payment and found the perfect home. You think you've got everything handled brilliantly. Then comes the monkey wrench to the works. You start to learn of more and more expenses you didn't know were involved. To make it more confu...
When Should You Consider Buying a HomeBuying a home may sound like a great idea. The idea of owning property is indeed the all-American dream, but is it your dream and is the time right for you to proceed? You can do a quick check list to see if waiting might be more beneficial or if the right ti...

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