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TIPS IN PURCHASING A FIXER UPPERwww.stonemountaingeorgiahomes.comA homebuyer who does not want to be influenced by the real estate market’s temperature usually wants a fixer upper. This type of property costs less than any other around it. Yet, always remember that the purchase of a fixer upper c...
OUTDOOR FUN IN SMOKE potential homeowner would love to find a residential spot in Smoke Rise Stone Mountain. If you want to include outdoor fun in your daily activities, it is best to join the Smoke Rise Country Club (SRCC). SRCC is world clas...
WHY YOU SHOULD BUY A HOUSE ON THANKSGIVINGWhen November comes, the weather becomes extra nippy and the air smells of Thanksgiving. It is the start of selfless service and warm cheer. It is also the beginning of house hunting for those who understand why. Once again, the mind of a house buyer shif...
FOR THE WATER-LOVER AT SMOKE RISEwww.stonemountaingeorgiahomes.comAre you ready for your new life at Smoke Rise Stone Mountain? If you are, do you want to incorporate swimming in your daily activities? If you do, you should know a lot about The Summit Swim & Tennis Club (SSTC).Located at Silver H...
WHY LIVE IN SMOKE RISE? Smoke Rise Stone Mountain is a unique, beautiful place in Georgia. Do you dream of living in the arms of Mother Nature? Do you love engaging in outdoor activities? If you do, this is the right area in which to have your next home. If you w...
LIVE IN BELOVED STONE MOUNTAIN, Are you tired of living in a place filled with the hustle and bustle? Perhaps it is time to leave that hectic lifestyle and live in Stone Mountain, GA.Many people want to buy homes in Stone Mountain Georgia because they want to b...
 Buying a home in Stone Mountain GA is not an endeavor you will regret. Stone Mountain is a place that’s perfect for you and your household. It allows you to enjoy urban comforts in a laid back setting. It has so much to offer, especially when you fancy the outdoors. Here are some of the things y...

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