fairbanks real estate: Fairbanks Alaska - Real Estate Review - 7/20/2008 - 7/26/2008 - 07/29/08 07:54 AM
Hi, Folks. It looks like the Fairbanks real estate market is still somewhat in flux. Existing home sales continue to dominate the market. New construction homes are still relatively soft despite a current Energy Efficiency rebate offering from Alaska Housing. Lets get the bad news out of the way first. This week 12 homes were sold in Fairbanks; the third week of declining home sales and the lowest sold since the first of June. The average days on the market, while on a decline in June, has increased to 175 for the week ending July 26th. This is a 33% increase … (6 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Fairbanks Alaska Real Estate - Home Sales Moving forward - 06/24/08 09:01 PM
Fairbanks Real Estate Outlook
Jesse Clifton, Broker-Associate Are you falling for the hype? Much is still being made in the national news about the slowdown in the housing market. It seems as though you can't turn on the news without hearing about rising foreclosures, default rates and slow housing starts. But is it really that bad here in Fairbanks? Not hardly. The Fairbanks real estate market might not be moving at a breakneck pace but it's far from standing still. In fact there are some segments of the Fairbanks market that are still attracting multiple offers. Homes in good condition … (13 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Fairbanks Sunset.. - 06/09/08 08:08 AM
Tonight as I was washing Kathy's car at 1:12AM, because in Fairbanks, Alaska we can do that in sunlight), I found myself mesmerized by a glorious sunset. I didn't quite capture the best moments but I did manage to snap these photo's at the lake. One of the joys of life in Alaska is that our summers are second to none. If you're new to Alaska or considering a move to the Golden Heart City, expect these sights often. Enjoy! Click the thumbnails below to open to a full size image. My personal favorite Ready to find your own piece of … (29 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Fairbanks log homes for sale - 05/29/08 08:26 PM
Fairbanks log homes for sale - Alaskana at its truest. For many a log home is the ultimate Alaskan residence. Fairbanks home buyers often cite a log home as one of their dream requirements. Well, dream no more. There are currently 51 log homes for sale in Fairbanks and Interior Alaska ranging from a rustic cabin on a great view lot for $65,000 to a stunning lodge on Blue Creek and the Tanana River in Delta Junction for $2,000,000. With an average asking price of $250,000 there's sure to be a Fairbanks log home for every taste and budget. The majority … (2 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Fairbanks New Homes - complete and ready for a new owner - 04/29/08 06:17 PM
Your one stop for real estate and community news for Fairbanks and Interior Alaska brought to you by Jesse and Kathy Clifton, your local Fairbanks real estate experts. Fairbanks Alaska new construction homes for sale. Brand new homes finished and ready for occupancy. New construction homes in Fairbanks run the gamet from a cozy 650 square foot log cabin on 4.4 acres for $155,000 to a fantastic new construction with spectacular views of Fairbanks and the Tanana valley for $735,000.
Fairbanks new construction represents a great opportunity for buyers looking to move up from their current home into a new … (2 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Fairbanks, Alaska - January 2008 Market Report - 03/10/08 10:35 PM
appears as though the Fairbanks real estate market is still alive and kicking. We have been fortunate in that Fairbanks and Interior Alaska did not see the speculative boom that many places in the lower 48 did and as such, our sluggish market is just that, sluggish. We are not quite to life support stage... yet. Before I get into the specific market performance I want to encourage those Fairbanks buyers and sellers reading this to seek the counsel of a competent, market savvy real estate agent (I happen to know a great team, btw. :) to help you evaluate individual … (7 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Fairbanks Real Estate - Neighborhood Spotlight - Doyon Estates - 02/23/08 08:31 PM
View A Slideshow of Doyon Estates Subdivision Next Stop: Fairbanks Condominium Directory … (5 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Fairbanks Alaska - Real Estate Market Report - Week Ending 1/01/2008 - 02/02/08 08:18 PM

fairbanks real estate: Financial Market Motion Sickness... Feeling it yet? - 01/22/08 05:33 AM
As a kid I was never really fond of roller coasters. I had this irrational fear that at any given curve in the track we would just keep going forward and plunge off into a dark abyss. It probably didn't help that my cousin would always sit beside me and scream "WE'RE GONNA CRASH." Come to think of it I never really liked him that much either. As I've aged I've come to like roller coasters less and less, especially where financial markets are concerned. That, however, is exactly what we are experiencing lately and it looks like this morning is … (2 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Putting the cart before the horse - 01/19/08 07:47 PM

fairbanks real estate: 'Big Brother' Is Big In California - 01/11/08 08:25 PM

fairbanks real estate: Fairbanks Alaska Real Estate Update - November 2007 - 12/12/07 07:33 PM
It looks like the Fairbanks real estate market is still adjusting downward. Our total sales volume is down 17.9% compared to November 2006 and 13% from October. The total number of homes sold dropped 23.7% compared to November 2006 and 4.4% from October. At $204,550, the average sales price is down 7.1% compared to November 2006 and 1.7% from October. The Average days on the market, however, is up 38.3% compared to November 2006 but down 4.5% from October. The list to sales price ratio, or the percentage of the asking price the average seller received is, at 94.4%, the lowest … (2 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Buying A Home: Step 4 - House Shopping - 12/06/07 06:51 PM
You’ve done your homework. You know what your future home should look like in terms of what you need and want in a future home. You’ve hired a buyer’s agent to represent you in the purchase. You’re financing is in place so you know what you can afford and what type of mortgage you feel comfortable paying. Now comes the fun part; house shopping. Your Realtor will be an invaluable asset when it comes time to start touring potential homes. We tell clients to bring a notepad and their digital camera so they can make note of the features of each … (2 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Fairbanks, Alaska Real Estate Market Update - Nov 22, 2007 - 11/24/07 01:25 PM
Fairbanks continues to feel the effects of the housing slowdown. 13 homes sold this week ranging in price from a $115,000 fixer-upper to a unique $395,000 hillside property that spent more than 14 months on the market. This represents a near 20% drop in the number of home sales from this time last year. Three new construction properties went off the market, including one zero-lot line in Lazelle Estates. Not to worry, if bland, homogenous, expressway adjoining townhouses are your style there are still more than two dozen available. 549 homes are currently available for sale with an average of 138 … (2 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Buying a Home: Step 2 - Financing the dream - 11/21/07 08:40 PM
Now that you have finished your needs and wants assessment and have an idea of what your future home should look like, it's time to start shopping... for your mortgage. Before you cross a single threshold it's important to investigate your mortgage options and secure your financing. The reason for this is twofold; first and foremost it's important to know what you can afford and from there determine what you want to spend. Second and equally important, without having secured your financing, you'll be at a disadvantage to those buyers that have their financing in place when you find your dream … (2 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Buying a home: Step 1 - Evaluate your needs - 11/20/07 03:59 PM
The time has come that you’re ready to buy a home. Perhaps you’ve been renting and are ready to start building equity instead of helping build your landlords or maybe you’re already a homeowner looking to make due to a lifestyle change. Either way, congratulations. Real estate is a fairly unique commodity in that it’s not something you purchase on a whim. Making the best decision means taking the time to do a little planning. By taking a little time of front to identify what your new home should look like you’ll take a great deal of stress out of the … (0 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Property Discovery; Your Rights and Responsibilities - 11/17/07 08:38 PM
Locally, our standard purchase and sale agreements include a fifteen day discovery period beginning at contract acceptance during which buyers have the opportunity to have a “licensed contractor or other qualified professional inspect and investigate the subject property for possible defects…” Most buyers opt to have the home inspected by a structural engineer or professional home inspector. While this is a good start, depending on the property, it may be just that; a good start. Standard tests for general structural integrity, energy efficiency, water quality, radon gas, lead-based paint, soils testing, mechanical (HVAC), electrical, domestic plumbing, wastewater adequacy testing, environmental hazards … (3 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Fairbanks, Alaska Market Statistics Nov 16th - 11/16/07 06:57 PM
Market Statistics for Fairbanks Alaska 11/16/2007 The number of homes sold in Fairbanks dropped for the second straight week to a low of sixteen. The average sales price rose almost 10% to $214,253 while the days on the market increased 37.5% to an average of 66. The number of active listings is also up to a total of 552, putting the absorption rate this week at 4.8 months. 81% of the sales occurred in Fairbanks with only 1 new construction property closing out of almost 140 on the market. Homes Sold Week Ending November 16, 2007 Average Sales Price Week Ending … (0 comments)

fairbanks real estate: 3rd Quarter Market Report (Fairbanks) - 11/04/07 05:20 PM
Monday, November 5, 2007
Good Morning,The 3rd Quarter Market Report is finally up and ready; click the link to the right to download the report in a .pdf. 
Overall the market is in good condition.  The good news is the average sales price is up 1.6% to $214,011 over last quarter.  The less than stellar news is that there are fewer homes selling; those that are selling are taking slightly longer to sell and we're seeing concessions in the form of price reductions of just over 2% of the list price.
New construction has been the hardest hit segment of the … (0 comments)

fairbanks real estate: Santa’s teeny weeny elf-sized art show - 10/27/07 12:34 PM
Old Saint Nick, North Pole's most famous resident, definitely has his hands busy right now. Aside from keeping all the elves busy making toys and making sure his 'naughty or nice' list is up to date (you have been good, haven't you?), he's up to his elbows in red tape preparing for his upcoming 24 hour round-the-world gift blitz, which btw, is less than 60 days away. Then, of course, he has to make sure Rudolph and the gang is in top to shape for the trip, but despite his increasingly hectic schedule, Santa has graciously agreed to sponsor Santa's Art … (3 comments)

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