rates: Another Big Rate Cut - 03/18/08 06:52 AM
The FED cut the Fereral Funds Rate 3/4 of a percent, to 2.25% today, in an effort to avoid a recession.  With lower rates consumers are encouraged to spend and borrow more.
Some people think that as the dollar weakens with each cut we could see higher gas and food prices, and higher prices for imported goods.  We will have to wait and see what affect this has on our economy.

rates: Time For Buyer's To Buy - 03/04/08 05:33 AM
I recently read an artivle on CNN-Money.com entitled Housing:  Best Time To Buy In Four Years.  It basically says that home valutaions (the difference from what a home should cost and the actual price) are the lowest they've been since 2004.  Basically, the affordability is back and better than it has been in the last few years.  Couple this with excellent rates and this is a great time to be a buyer. 
Clint Haynes

rates: Rate Cut Is Going Happen - 02/28/08 11:17 AM
Experts are saying that Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke is is going to cut key interest rates by 1/2%, and possibly as much as 3/4% when the Fed meet again on March 18th.  Bernanke has said that the health of the U.S. economy is his biggest concern.
A half point cut would bring the Federal Funds rate to 2.5%.  It has already been lowered 2.25% since September 2007 to help keep the economy out of a recession.  Many think that after the March rate cut we might not see another cut for quite some time, to let things settle and then see what … (1 comments)

rates: Credibility - 02/22/08 10:20 AM
I recently read that a survey was done and among the least trusted people in America when it comes to business are Loan Officers.  Even more so than Used Car Salesmen and Attorneys (not that these are dishonest professions either, but people view them negatively because of the ethics some choose to practice).  I wrote a blog entitled A Deal Lost  earlier about a loan that I lost to a competitor that deals with this issue a little bit.
I was just wondering what some of the Active Rain members who are not in the Mortgage Business think about us.  Title Companies and Real Estate agents … (1 comments)

rates: Fishing Season - 02/20/08 07:11 AM
As the weather starts to warm up a little bit I start to get that feeling that it's about to be prime time for fishing.  
I love to get out on the lake in early to mid March and fish in the afternoons after work and unwind after a long day at the office.  I try to find time to get out one morning a week as well.
Time management becomes much more critical when trying to squeeze everything into your day by 4:30 so you can beat some traffic and get to the water a few hours before the day sets.  It … (1 comments)

rates: FHA Loan Limits Increase - 02/19/08 09:00 AM
On February 13th the President signed the Economic Stimulus Act and FHA maximum loan limits were increased.  So far what we know is:
The max limit increasedThe floor is $271,050 (meaning low priced areas will have this cap on their FHA loan amount limits)The increase is for loans that are approved before the end of 2008The new limits will be the lesser of:  * 125% median price of the area or $729,750HUD has 30 days after enactment of the Economic Stimulus Act to define the median prices for each area and publish the new limits. 
So....the areas with low median prices will go to … (3 comments)

rates: Rate Cut - 10/31/07 07:10 AM
Halloween Rate Cut
As of October 31st the Fed has decided to make another rate cut.  They dropped the short term interest rate a quarter of a percent, to 4.5% today.  Fed chairman Ben Bernanke and company decided this to help the housing market crunch.
Investors had been betting on a .25% cut, after last months .5% cut on September 18th.
The federal funds rate is an overnight lending rate for banks, it is important to the economy since it influences how much interest consumers pay on credit card debt, home equity lines of credit and auto loans. It also impacts how much it … (3 comments)

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