realtors: Your Moving Guide To Home Sweet Home - 04/17/09 10:27 AM

   Here is a move preparation list that our company did a few years ago. This would be a great handout to give to your clients!
• If you are planning a garage sale, set a date.
• If you have children, arrange to transfer school records.
• Discover schools in your new community (visit on the web).
• Notify insurance companies of the move.
• Start a “Move File” for all receipts, papers and estimates related to your move.
• Choose a van line/rental truck company you will use and give … (4 comments)

realtors: How a Title Company Can Help You Build Your Business - 04/10/09 11:01 AM
Every Realtor or Lender knows that they need to prospect for business. With all the technology, new methods have developed but there is still no replacement for contacting potential buyers and sellers consistantly as part of a good business plan.
Did you know that a Title & Escrow company like First American can be one of your most valuable business partners to a successful business?
Many people do not know that we do far more than pull "Trios" from Customer Service. We encourage our customers to have a confidential meeting with our Customer Service Manager to help taylor their prospecting "Farming" and learn how to utilize all … (8 comments)

realtors: Realtors & Title Companies - 03/27/09 10:05 AM

Before starting my career with First American, I was a Realtor. Discussions with "reps" of Title & Escrow companies would make my eyes glaze over. I didn't want to go to lunch, and I didn't want to be sold. All I cared about was how quickly can we get the clients signed!
The industry of Title and Escrow services has changed drastically over the past 20 years. Technology is critically important in getting Title reports produced quickly and allowing Escrow to work up their files. The "rep" has also changed, giving way to Business Development and a consultative, personal approach to the … (3 comments)

realtors: "Huddling for Success" - 03/24/09 10:05 AM

I recently went into a pet store 10 minutes before closing to pick up some treats for my cat. I had never been in this store before and was a little overwhelmed with the store size and where to start looking. Three salesclerks were huddled together talking, completely unaware and not caring that a customer had just walked into the store. I finally walked up to them and excused myself for interupting them and asked where the cat treats were. One girl waved her arm in the general direction and said "over there, on isle 5".
My first thought was … (6 comments)

realtors: After the Sales Checklist - 01/06/09 03:53 AM
Here are some great tips to "keep in touch" with your clients after the close of the transacton:
 After the Sale Checklist
by Carla Cross
Be sure you have an operation to follow after the closing. After all, who's your best client? The one you just sold!
 Here's your after sale checklist:
1. Put clients in your database with a monthly follow-up mail schedule in your contact management program.
2. Create a year's worth of follow-up mailers (monthly) for your client base so you can delegate this task to your assistant.
 Within one week:
3.   Contact your clients by phone the day … (2 comments)

realtors: 10 Reasons to List your Home in the Winter - 12/05/08 03:00 AM
1) Fewer Showings-Yes there are less buyers, but those buyers that are left are usually very serious about making a purchase. 2) Less Competition-Most people wait until spring and summer to list their home, which means during the winter you will have far less competition than at any other time of the year. 3) Homes Show Better During the Holidays- Buyers love homes that can tell a story. The holidays are a great time to show homes because the home is usually dressed up for holiday celebrations! 4) January is the Biggest Transfer Month-Did you know that more corporate moves happen … (3 comments)


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