florida: Harbor House West Condos for Sale - Sarasota Florida - 04/14/12 11:27 PM
Harbor House West, 226 Golden Gate Point, Sarasota, Florida, 34236Living in Sarasota has its many perks. This county is filled with some of the most immaculate beaches in the world. In fact, Siesta Key Public Beach found in one of Sarasota’s barrier islands is known internationally for its fine white sand and sparkling blue waters. At the same time, the city has been dubbed as the arts and culture capital of the entire state of Florida because of its numerous theaters and art galleries. Residents of Sarasota will definitely never run out of things to do.
For those who are thinking … (1 comments)

florida: Sunset Beach Condos for Sale, Longboat Key, Florida - 02/09/12 03:31 PM
Sunset Beach, 2105 & 2109 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, Florida, 34228 Longboat Key welcomes you. Considering condo ownership on its shores is a smart move as there are unbelievable styles, sizes, and price points available on this island haven. For decades owning real estate in Sarasota has attracted upwardly mobile professionals, renowned celebrities, and artists of note with Longboat Key the premier destination. Divided in half between Sarasota County in the south and Manatee County in the north, Longboat Key offers a limitless array of activities and attractions for the whole family.
Radiating charm, sophistication, and luxury Longboat Key … (0 comments)

florida: Seaplace Condos for Sale, Longboat Key, Florida - 02/09/12 03:25 PM
Seaplace, 2045 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, Florida, 34228 The 11 mile long Gulf of Mexico Drive defines the slender barrier island of Longboat Key. It’s also one of Florida’s more breathtaking beach concourses and leisurely exploring it by car, bicycle, or motorbike will unveil rich tropical landscaping and palm lined streets. Long recognized as a top Sarasota real estate destination, Longboat Key lies in two counties with Sarasota resting in the south and Manatee in the north. Here a stunning display of condominiums of countless floor plan sizes, architecture designs, and price points grace the shoreline.
Longboat Key affords … (2 comments)

florida: Plaza de Flores Condos for Sale, Plamer Ranch, Sarasota, Florida - 01/31/12 03:08 PM
Plaza De Flores - Palmer Ranch, Sarasota Some dazzling property finds await at Plaza de Flores on Palmer Ranch, an enclave composed of 200 condominium units that are not mere blips on the radar screen of the Sarasota Florida real estate market. Plaza de Flores homes for sale indeed continuously generate excitement among investors and home buyers. As one of the 30 communities of Palmer Ranch, these residences enjoy a prime location and reputation as well.
The development of the 10,000-acre Palmer Ranch began in the mid-1980s and is still growing. It is surrounded by infrastructures which support its existing communities … (0 comments)

florida: VIDEO: The Water Club Condos for Sale - Longboat Key Florida - 01/22/12 02:41 PM
Water Club Condos for Sale - Longboat Key Florida The Water Club boasts 172 luxury residences priced between $1.5 and $3.5 million dollars and is located on the south-central section of Longboat Key on the Gulf of Mexico side of the island.
The video was produced by our Roy Hunter, our company's sales and marketing manager.
Follow this link to view all The Water Club condos for sale

florida: The Moorings At Edgewater Condos for Sale Lakewood Ranch - 11/13/11 03:05 PM
Lakewood Ranch real estate development- The Moorings at Edgewater, is located on a 17 acre peninsula on the 160 acre Lake Uihlein. With The Moorings and every other residence and structure within Lakewood Ranch meeting the Florida Green Building Coalition's Green Home Standard, energy efficient and environmentally responsible living is assured for every business and homeowner.
Surrounded by 150 miles of walking trails, wildlife nature preserves, and the convenient activities of the world famous gulf coast beaches, The Moorings is also close to the lauded Sarasota fine arts community, and the exciting entertainment communities of Tampa Bay, Orlando, St Petersburg, and … (1 comments)

florida: Condos for Sale at Majestic Bay, Saraota, Florida - 09/27/11 05:20 PM
Majestic Bay, 258 Golden Gate Point, Sarasota, Florida, 34236 A royal lifestyle in a wish list can find easy fulfillment in the Majestic Bay condominium which presents delightful options among Sarasota Florida real estate alternatives. This property was developed at the Golden Gate Point Peninsula, one of the most prestigious residential locations near Sarasota’s downtown district.
There are only ten units which share the condo’s 258 Golden Gate Point address, underscoring the exclusivity of this condominium built in 2004. Its 22-acre location was formerly known as Cedar Key. The peninsula’s current name came about after circus magnate John Ringling purchased the … (1 comments)

florida: La Bellasara condos for sale, Golden Gate Point, Sarasota - 09/27/11 05:10 PM
La Bellasara, 464 Golden Gate Point, Sarasota, Florida, 34236 For million-dollar Florida residences truly worth their value, La Bellasara condos for sale in the Sarasota real estate market, certainly deserve the due diligence. This real estate development was completed in 2005 and consists of twenty-nine luxurious units neatly tucked in a splendid building at 465 Golden Gate Point.
Precious value is attached to the condominium’s location, the twenty-two-acre Golden Gate Point Peninsula strategically located right beside the Ringling Causeway Bridge. This area is not only very close to the downtown of Sarasota City but is also at the gateway to various … (0 comments)

florida: Condos for Sale at the Phoenix, Sarasota, Florida - 09/27/11 05:10 PM
Phoenix, 136 Golden Gate Point, Sarasota, Florida, 34236 The Phoenix condominium is an architectural gem that is set in the Golden Gate Point Peninsula, site to some of the prime real estate in Sarasota, Florida. Built in 2001, this condo is one of the newer developments in the 22-acre peninsula formerly known as Cedar Point.
Sarasota condos for sale in this area that juts out into Sarasota Bay are most coveted not only for their fabulous waterfront location but also for their proximity to the downtown. Bayfront condos started sprouting in the peninsula during the 1990s with Alta Mer and Golden … (1 comments)

florida: Condos for Sale at the Renaissance, Sarasota, Florida - 09/27/11 05:09 PM
Renaissance, 750 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Florida, 34236 Adopt an endearing downtown lifestyle in Sarasota, Florida with the acquisition of a residence at the Renaissance, truly a thrilling find from among Sarasota condos for sale. This property consists of 244 units in a sixteen-story building constructed in 2002. Developed in an eleven-acre site at 750 North Tamiami Trail close to the waterfront, this condominium is considered as one of the largest condos in the city’s downtown district, providing quite ample residential choices.
Those whose lifestyle calls for spacious residences will find delightful options for three-bedroom units with floor areas of around … (1 comments)

florida: Condos for Sale at Plaza at Five Points, Sarasota, Florida - 09/27/11 04:58 PM
Plaza at Five Points, 50 Central Avenue, Sarasota, Florida, 34236 Plaza at Five Points is a mixed use development in Sarasota, Florida, which deftly mixes commercial establishments and residential units in one condominium complex. This two-pronged developmental approach is an apparent attempt to maximize the returns from the property’s downtown location which ranks among the most sought after in the Sarasota real estate market.
This condo is located at 50 Central Avenue, right at the thoroughfare’s junction with Main Street which, as their names suggest, are host to the vibrant pulse of activity in the Sarasota downtown district. Fifty-two residences were … (0 comments)

florida: Condos for Sale at Regency House, Sarasota, Florida - 09/27/11 04:47 PM
Regency House, 435 South Gulfstream Avenue, Sarasota, Florida, 34236 Regency House is one condominium development in Sarasota, Florida, that can go really fast in an inventory of Sarasota real estate for sale. Several reasons can be advanced on why this is so. One is the condominium’s prime location at 435 S. Gulfstream Ave. in a downtown area close to the major thoroughfares Main Street and Palm Avenue where the city’s centers for shopping, dining, recreation, and entertainment are located.
Another great draw for Regency House condos for sale is the alluring features of the eighty units within this high rise built … (0 comments)

florida: Condos for Sale at Marina Tower, Sarasota, Florida - 09/27/11 04:23 PM
Marina Tower,1233 North Gulfstream Avenue, Sarasota, Florida, 34236 True to its name, the Marina Tower condominium is one residential property that lords over an exciting seafront in Sarasota, Florida. It is in this real estate development that one can find some of the more spacious Sarasota condos for sale. The residences here measure in floor area from 1,800 square feet to 5,800 square feet which come in some eleven designs.
The varying floor plans of the residences provide several choices that can meet different lifestyle needs. The options in design include units with two, three, and four bedrooms. These homes were … (1 comments)

florida: Condos for Sale at One Watergate, Sarasota Florida - 09/27/11 04:02 PM
One Watergate, 1111 Gulfstream Avenue, Sarasota, Florida, 34236 One Watergate is a high-rise condominium in Sarasota, Florida, that can readily pass a detailed checklist for the most ideal residence in a downtown district. The location of this condo at 1111 North Gulfstream Avenue is one of the most coveted spots in the Sarasota real estate market. As a matter of fact, the developers of the luxurious Ritz Carlton have also chosen to locate their project in the same neighborhood.
This area is not only within the downtown but is also very close to the Sarasota bayfront. Thus, the One Watergate condos … (2 comments)

florida: Le Chateau Condos for Sale, Sarasota,Florida - 09/27/11 03:43 PM
Le Chateau, 37 Sunset Drive, Sarasota, Florida, 34236 Le Chateau is a condominium in Sarasota, Florida, with a distinctive personality that readily establishes itself. For one, it has a striking coral pink exterior paint that immediately stands out in the neighborhood at its 37 Sunset Drive address. Moreover, its architecture is of charming French provincial design that evokes a quiet Old World ambience.
This condominium’s development was completed in 1971, predating the construction of its illustrious neighbor, the Ritz Carlton. There are 27 units in this condo which immensely benefit from excellent waterfront location of the property. The view of the … (0 comments)

florida: Condos for Sale at Marquee En Ville, Sarasota, Florida - 09/27/11 03:34 PM
Marquee En Ville, 235 Cocoanut Rd. Sarasota, Florida, 34236 Form and function combine to make Marquee en Ville in southwestern Florida among the most sought-after condo community in the Sarasota real estate market. Its architecture is of the chic urban genre which lends a distinctive and elegant personality to this condominium built in 2006.
The residences in the Marquee en Ville total twenty-nine in all. These were designed as four-story town homes, setting the property’s character apart from the high-rise condos which dominate a great part of downtown Sarasota’s skyline. The open floor plans of these town houses are ideal for … (0 comments)

florida: Condos for Sale at Kanaya, Sarasota, Florida - 09/27/11 03:25 PM
Kanaya, 505 South Orange Avenue, Sarasota, Florida, 34236 Include Kanaya condos for sale to those properties in the Sarasota real estate market where a healthy and active lifestyle is the primary offering. The developers of this condominium at 505 Orange Avenue employed both Oriental principles and Western methodologies to create the residential units that discerning home buyers desire.
Through the feng shui philosophy popular in the architectures of the Orient, the free flow of positive energies was incorporated into the construction of the Kanaya residences. The luxury of space, for example, is emphasized by the units’ high ceilings, a parameter that … (1 comments)

florida: Country Club East Real Estate for Sale - Lakewood Ranch Florida - 09/11/11 02:39 PM
When thinking about dream homes and prized residential properties the Country Club East development of Lakewood Ranch comes to mind. And for this, the reasons are clear.
Country Club East is a gated community recently added to the six other prime villages of Lakewood Ranch. It is fast shaping up as an enclave of homes rising around scenic lakes and nature preserves. Its allure to residential buyers is being built upon the earlier successes of the Lakewood Ranch Country Club neighborhood.
Lakewood Ranch has already contributed much to the emergence of Manatee County in the radar screen of real estate … (0 comments)

florida: Summerfield Real Estate for Sale - Lakewood Ranch Florida - 09/11/11 02:39 PM
Finding a dream home won’t be too hard in Summerfield, one of the villages in Lakewood Ranch. For one, the residences in this village are among the most affordably priced in the seven-community development of Lakewood Ranch. There’s a wide choice of residential units that range in price from the $200s to the $400s with floor plans ranging from 1,100 to over 2,400 square feet in size.
Summerfield is one of the first communities established in Lakewood Ranch that rose from pasture land to a major real estate development starting in the mid-1990s. The Summerfield community has five neighborhoods offering distinctive … (0 comments)

florida: Greenbook Real Estate for Sale - Lakewood Ranch Florida - 09/11/11 02:36 PM
Many first-time home buyers and retirees eying the Sunshine State of Florida to settle in will find great value for money in the Greenbrook village of Lakewood Ranch. This real estate development is reputed to be the biggest residential property in the US developed strictly along green standards. Greenbrook is the newest among the seven gated communities of Lakewood Ranch, located at East Manatee in Southwestern Florida.
This village has three neighborhoods, all of which offer single-family dwellings ranging in price between the high $100’s and the mid $600’s. Greenbrook’s most affordable units could be found at its Banks neighborhood where … (0 comments)

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