natalie danielson: WHAT are you holding in YOUR hand? - 09/05/09 01:31 PM
That cell phone that you hold on to all day long is your connection to the world.  And, yet, many of us are not using it most effectively.  That phone is so important to your business and your relationship with your friends and family.
First of all, it needs to be updated at least every two years.  Soe people actually brag about having the same phone for years.  HELLO!  The technology changes with every breath we take.  You will have farther reach, fewer dropped calls and better features on each phone.  So know that when you pull out that antique … (4 comments)

natalie danielson: Seattle area Agents... RSVP for FREE Real Estate BarCamp on Social Media - 09/02/09 05:12 PM

A FREE one day conference for those in the real estate industry on Social Networking
Tuesday, Sept 8th
8am til 5pm
Lake Union Armory right there at the south end of the lake
FREE including Lunch due to the sponsors
(Natalie at is a sponsor and on the planning committee!)
RSVP at the website
This day will change the way you see and run your real estate business!  After that crystal ball dropped on January 1st 2009 no major event happened after all that fear that Y2K would cause our economy, banks, businesses and computers to crash.  What … (0 comments)

natalie danielson: Teach Other Real Estate Agents What YOU Know! Get Certified! - 05/04/09 07:24 PM

There is no better way to learn, be more effective and grow as a real estate agent than to teach clockhour continuing education classes to other agents! Professional Direction has been training and writing classes for continuing ed in Washington State for the past 16 years.
Are you thinking to yourself.. "I don't know enough."  Or,.. are you thinking... "I can't share my 'secrets' to other agents because I'll lose business."
First of all, if you have actively sold real estate for over 3-5 years then you qualify to be an instructor.  Is that enough knowledge and experience to teach?  … (5 comments)

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