real estate classes: Teach Other Real Estate Agents What YOU Know! Get Certified! - 05/04/09 07:24 PM

There is no better way to learn, be more effective and grow as a real estate agent than to teach clockhour continuing education classes to other agents! Professional Direction has been training and writing classes for continuing ed in Washington State for the past 16 years.
Are you thinking to yourself.. "I don't know enough."  Or,.. are you thinking... "I can't share my 'secrets' to other agents because I'll lose business."
First of all, if you have actively sold real estate for over 3-5 years then you qualify to be an instructor.  Is that enough knowledge and experience to teach?  … (5 comments)

real estate classes: Can I find you? "Google" yourself NOW! - 04/19/09 08:24 PM

Where are you?  Can you find yourself?  Can your friends and family find you?  Can your clients find you?
Today, if I want to contact you, my first move is to search for you on  So, have you “Googled” yourself?  With all the millions of people in the world on the internet, does your name float to the top of the list?   How many people in the world have the exact name?  So would I think you were a meteorologist in Florida or a porn star in Texas?  Or.. does your contact information at the real estate … (2 comments)

real estate classes: If it looks or smells like a fish.. It is a fish... same goes for FRAUD! - 02/27/09 08:51 AM

For over a half dozen years I have taught classes on Real Estate Scams and Fraud.  Agents would fill the classes but there were many that would argue that the "fraud" I was talking about was perfectly legal and being done every day.  In one real estate office in Pierce County every agent in class at the time was involved in some aspect of a fraudulent real estate transaction!  Not only that, but I went to a class from the Washington State Association of REALTORS and an attorney teaching was condoning all the types of fraud I was warning about!  … (0 comments)

real estate classes: Are you linked, connected, tweeted, or blogged? - 02/08/09 09:10 AM

My friend, Nansen, has over 23,000 followers on Twitter... that number seems to grow exponentially every day!  She started her tweets only months ago.  Nansen lives in a small town on the coast of Washington State and is an active Republican.  She was seen and twittered away at the Republican meeting in Washington DC this past month.  Not only that, but she is very active in her community and in the county from the Fish Hatchery to the plantings along the road.  And, she know "everyone!" But, 23000 followers!  Soon that number will double!  They come from all over the … (0 comments)

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