walnut creek: Walnut Creek - $700-800,000 - Wow, En Fuego! - 07/08/09 08:03 AM
The $700-800,000 price range in Walnut Creek is moving! I’m hearing of lots of multiple offers and many properties selling in less than a week, causing a bit of a stir in real estate circles. Here are some details to put the activity in perspective, and as always, call me if you’d like to know more! 925-413-0044.
In June, 2009, of 32 properties priced between $700-800K in Walnut Creek, 14 went pending (meaning an offer was accepted). Of those 14, five closed … (0 comments)

walnut creek: Sizzling Summer Real Estate in Walnut Creek, CA - 06/25/09 09:43 AM
Loan Modification… If You Can’t Take the Heat…Many of you have asked me about loan modification services. Last week, I attended a risk management seminar with Shannon B Jones (http://www.calrealestatelaw.com/profiles.html) , one of the best real estate attorneys in CA. Her perspective is that the loan mod business is in its infancy in 2009, comparable to where short sales were in 2008 and REO sales were in 2006. That means that every lender has its own rules, there is little oversight, and there is little predictability to how a modification will be handled. This is particularly true in cases with a … (0 comments)

walnut creek: 31 Buyer's Inspections???!!! - 02/12/09 07:59 AM
(Cynthia Long, reporting from Walnut Creek, CA. February 12, 2009) So the good news is, my buyers have found a property they really want, and they and the sellers have agreed to the price and terms in the contract. We’re going to open escrow. At the closing table, one of my buyers turns to me and says, “Okay, now we’re in that inspection contingency period you keep talking about, right?” I’m proud of her. She’s a first-time buyer, and she’s completely on top of all the steps in this transaction.
Together, we review CAR Form BIE, Buyer’s Inspection Elections, dated 11/2008. … (1 comments)

walnut creek: Is NOW a Good Time to Sell? - 01/30/09 08:18 AM
People sell because they want to live somewhere else, they need a home that functions differently, or they need to cash out equity. They often have a general idea of how they want to price their property, either because of what they owe or because they’ve been tracking sales in the area. At this point, it’s time to call me, the Realtor. Being a Realtor means you are responsible for doing the reality check. Before going to the property, I get a handle on the sellers’ financial position, and I work out a net sheet based on comparable sales in the … (0 comments)

walnut creek: All’s Fair in Love and Real Estate - 01/03/09 04:46 AM
At a recent open house, I had an encounter that seems to be typical of the current market.  I greeted a visitor with my standard question, “Are you thinking about buying a house today?” And the potential buyer replied with what I also recognize as a current market standard.  She said, “I am.  But only if I can find a deal.” No surprises there, right?             Buyers are taking their turn sweating out the sellers, lurking around waiting for that next price reduction.  Buyers say to me with a knowing wink, “How long has this been on the market?” as if … (3 comments)

walnut creek: Walnut Creek, CA - Ground Zero, December 2008 - 12/30/08 07:55 AM
WALNUT CREEK – Ground Zero I live in Walnut Creek. I work in Walnut Creek. Many of my clients and friends are in Walnut Creek or they want to be in Walnut Creek. So I’m always trying to put my finger on the pulse of what’s happening here – now. How much is our little haven being rocked by the greater trends in economics?
I tend to look for macro answers in stats and then micro answers in the hearts of buyers and sellers. So here’s the scoop as of December, reflecting on the activities of November, from the Contra Costa … (1 comments)


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