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I reviewed a title yesterday on behalf of a buyer who was purchasing a property out of foreclosure from Fannie Mae. As you all know, Fannie Mae and most other big lenders and servicing agencies have gone to the "cradle to grace" concept.  This means to the consumer that if they use the seller's t...
I was so happy to see this new law come into effect in California. One can only hope that the rest of the nation gets in touch with what's right for the consumer and make some sweeping changes.California took another step to provide choice for buyers of foreclosed homes using title and escrow ser...
  Well, I wish I could say that it's been a month of no title issue relating to seller's title agents not doing what needs to be done to clear title.  In the past month we have had delays on at least 5 files due to the fact that the seller's title agents did not clear title.  Of course, as is alw...
In almost every REO deal the bank will counter offer with their own addendum which will contain significant changes to your offer.  Some of the terms you will see in the counter-offer will include such items as: In the event of a conflict the bank's terms will prevail.  What does that mean, well ...


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