The huge number of foreclosures that have been initiated over the last year, (with millions more to come this year) have given rise to a concern that the foreclosure mills are not providing quality service and that consumers will be the ones to suffer as a result of the less than stellar performa...
An article written by Adrian Sainz, of the Associated Press on April 23, 2010 (see entire article below) brings back a question that I had last year when we were all scrambling to get our computer software up dated to accomodate the new HUD-1, GFE and other related documents that we would need to...
Chase Home Mortgage wants me to pay off their loan, and then.......   .....they will give me a release. However, there is nothing available to release!! The situation arises out of a transaction wherein my seller acquired a loan with (presumably) Chase. They did their entire transaction on-line. ...
Upon review of title we found one open mortgage.   As a matter of practice we send a letter to the seller inquiring as to the account number and contact information for their mortage holder and asking that they sign a statement authorizing us to obtain a statement of payoff.  In the instant case ...
Please follow the link to see the full article as reported at this morning. According to this article more than one million homes will fall into default this year. RealtyTrac Inc. said Thursday that the number of U.S. homes taken ...
I realize that this is not Monday, but seriously it feels like it.  You know how Monday's can just aggravate the hell out of you? Well that is the kind of day I am having today. The day started with a query from a listing agent on a property that was being "sold" by Fannie Mae and the buyers agre...
I have been working with a local realtor for several months now relating to two properties.  Both of these properties are short sales. These properties have been under contract for about 5 months now.   As time has passed the lenders have gone back and forth with demands of additional paper work,...
I took a call from a local auctioneer and investor today   He called to see if we were interested in acquiring new business.  Well what small independent title agent is not interested in acquiring new business?  His first question to me was "do you have the forms necessary to form an ABA?" I resp...


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