I read a good article in the Washington Post today written by Dina ElBoghdady.  In the article Ms. ElBoghdady reports that are several provisions in the legislation that are designed to change the way in which lenders are compensated.  The provisions wiould hold lenders responsible for the loans ...
Fannie Mae announced today that it will offer two new resources for home buyers and real estate professionals.  A HomePath Buyers Guide and podcast series.  The buyers guide will help home buyers to navigate the process of purchasing a home.  The information will include basic home buying and Hom...
The Maryland General Assembly has recently ended it's session for the year and the Maryland Land Title Association was following many of the bills very closely.  Of particular interest to everyone in Maryland was the passage of HB 472 FORECLOSURE PROCEDURES-FORECLOSURE MEDIATION.  These new rules...
I reviewed a title today and found that the property was subject to a water-sewer hook up fee payable annually. I have seen these a few times lately and want to bring to the attention of realtors and buyers the fact that these fees run with the land and are a lien on the property. The documents r...
Good Morning to all!! I wanted to share with you a very interesting conversation I had this morning with a first time home buyer in the State of Maryland.  The buyer called me after reading a few of my blogs here in Activerain relating to the Fannie Mae addendum.  She is purchasing a Fannie Mae p...


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