As I advised previously Anne Arundel County, Maryland recently took the position that the difference between the sales price and the amount forgiven by a lender in a short sale transaction should be taxable as "consideration". This created a flurry of activity within the local title community and...
It was with great interest that I read an article written by Jamie Smith Hawkins of the Baltimore Sun today.  It seems that Anne Arundel County, Maryland has decided to enforce a particular aspect of Maryland Real Property law which authorizes them to collect recordation taxes on not only the sal...
With the start of the New Year comes renewal time for insurance policies here in my office.   It was with some surprise that I took delivery of a certified letter today from my E & O carrier, AIG, (remember them? ) stating that my E & O policy will be increasing by 125% over last year's cost. Why...
For some months now we have all been discussing the new HUD-1 settlement statement.  This new settlement statement will work in conjunction with the new GFE provided to borrowers by the mortgage lenders at the time of application.  I really was of the impression that most of my peers here in Mary...
this is an excellent article on RESPA reform.  I urge all Realtors to read it.  Call on me for any questions you may have relating to your closing costs in Maryland. Charlene PerryBy now, most every person in the real estate industry has heard about the significant changes going into effect Janua...


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