I take time every day to log onto Activerain and read many of the blogs that have been posted on that particular day. Naturally, I read the featured blogs, and I often comment on the featured blogs. But then I start to scroll through the blogs that have been written for that day and that's when I...
I got my real estate license again in November, 2010.  I tried to place my license with a national brokerage but was told that because I hold a title producer's license, I could not place my real estate license with this brokerage, but, that they had a program for referral agents.  I chose to go ...
My husband and I will (hopefully) celebrate 30 years of wedded bliss on February 15, 2011. These years have been blessed with 4 beautiful children and 5 wonderful, healthy, and geourgous grand-daughters. There has been laughter, joy, tears, fights, good times and bad. But we have always held on t...
This has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Yesterday I wrote about 250 Maryland foreclosures being dismissed because of shoddy foreclosure work, liars affidavits and robo-signing and then today I read from Housing Wire..... Fannie Mae will increase the maximum allowable fee s...
ALLY Financial withdraws 250 foreclosures in Maryland Heard this on my local news last night and wanted to share. According to a report by the Washington Post, Ally Financial announced Tuesday it is withdrawing all foreclosures in Maryland signed by an employee who admitted to being a "robo-signe...
I got this from a friend today and I was absolutely appalled after viewing it.  This is the BEST ever explaination I have ever seen on the way that banks make money on REO and short sale.  It will make you wonder then, what the heck takes them so long to approve short sales. It's definately NOT b...
And if it is, do you need to be licensed to do so? I have one REO client for whom I do a small amount of work in the District.  I order title from an independent title abstrator in the District review the title and take steps necessary to "clear" title prior to the client marketing the property f...
I had a personal goal of hitting 50000 points before the end of 2010. I fell just short of that but today, WHOO HOO, bonus points assessed, I hit 50000 points.  Thanks to all who helped me along the way.  This years goal 100000 points. I think I can, I think I can.........  
Not even a week into the new year I have a file on my desk with such a messy title I can't imagine that anyone bothered to do a title search at all. The case is the transfer of a property out of foreclosure, imagine that!  The title deed is shows the property to be vested in an LLC, the Deed of T...


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