Watching the news yesterday I heard a story about a couple in California who had been arrested on vandalism and theft charges because they intentionally trashed their home.  Source CNN The couple had been foreclosed upon and took their anger and frustration out of the house. I guess they thought ...
In light of the thousands of foreclosed properties on the market these days, we find more and more that investors are scooping up on some really good deals to add to their portfolios. I have received a few contracts lately from investors who want to almost immediately re-sell the property to othe...
Ahhh.. Friday the 13th.  I am not a superstitious person, but really, this has been the day from HELL.  I knew that at some point today I was going to have to pick my son up from the hospital, (he had surgery on his shoulder yesterday) and pick his daughter up from after school care. I am feveris...
As you all may know many title agencies are using the services of off-shore companies to complete the "title searches" on real estate located in the US.  These firms do their "title searches" by going on-line to public websites to access the "chain of title", prepare a report and issue a binder f...
The use of a POA in your real estate closing should not be your FIRST CHOICE I am doing a transaction on a property in Maryland with a purchase price of $550K and a loan amount of $440K. The buyers, husband and wife, cannot both be in town at the same time. The wife asked if we could do a POA I t...


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