Over the last several days I have taken many calls (at least 10) from a company trying to sell me front page Google Juice at the lordly price of $200/month!! How did they come to call me I asked.  Oh, we found your blog and thought this new program we were offering for REALTORS would certainly he...
We have launched our GREEN PROJECT here at The Preferred Title Group, Inc.   As of July 1, 2011 we are doing all we can to NOT use paper for our files.  Each file starts out digitally and continues on through the entire process in a digital fashion. At closing the borrower is given a disk with co...
I haven't been blogging much lately on AR.  I became somewhat disenchanted with AR for a while because some of the blogs that were featured seemed to be just FLUFF.  By that I mean that they seemed not to impart any particular wisdom but rather just seemed to be posted for purposes of creating a...
THE REALTOR ON THE DATE CLOSING   The realtor plays a very important role in the settlement transaction.  It is the job of the realtor to assist the buyer in obtaining financing, assist the buyer in getting inspections done ordering title work and ultimately getting the deal to closing.  Ultimate...
Since the beginning of 2010 rwe have all been using the "new" HUD-1 settlement statement. The purpose of this revised HUD was supposed to enable consumers to make informed decisions relating to the cost of thier real estate transaction. The THEORY was sound, the end result though is that nothing ...


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